China Business Matching (Fintech and blockchain)

China Business Matching (Fintech and blockchain)

SGTech is pioneering an online community for Internationalisation, which will facilitate more efficient business matching! Hosted on Lark, the community will be able to upload their business profiles, meet other like-minded companies and even potential business partners or customers. This session is on the topic of Fintech and Blockchain. 


China Companies

  1. CYZONE - investment into early-stage companies in the area of Fintech, 5G, Retail Tech, Health Tech
  2. Chain Storage Technology - Setting up a Data Storage base in Singapore
  3. BitXMesh - Financial institutions, traders, logistic companies
  4. Chongqing Xiao Wo Jia - Data Analytics for Financing


Singapore Companies   

  1. Gleetrees - Gleematic has A.I. powered information extraction and OCR for processing data from documents, for Asian languages such as English, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Japanese.
  2. Talariax - Talariax developed sendQuick, the Central Enterprise Messaging system which delivers messages to all mobile devices.
  3. Smart Tradzt - Smart Tradzt is a comprehensive B2B Ecommerce platform which provides modern commercial excellence and supply chain management capabilities.


Entering China was created to facilitate the discussions between Singapore and China ICT companies under the ambit of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) ICT Innovation And Collaboration Alliance’, co-chaired by SGTech and China’s Technology Service Market in Chongqing (TSMC), to create and foster favourable conditions for members to internationalise. 


Lark is a free business collaboration and communication tool which houses Video Conference, Chat, Calendar, Documents and Cloud storage on a single platform. It is capable of doing real-time translation between English and Chinese for Chats, Documents and even Video Conferences, which is why we picked this tool for our cross-border business matching! 

This event will be held on Lark. For enquires, please approach
3/30/2021 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Malay Peninsula Standard Time
This event will be held as an online webinar

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