Launch of eRevival Square


SGTech’s Sustainability Committee aims to rally the community and enable companies to collaborate to achieve success in our collective sustainability journey.
You are invited to the virtual launch of our new E-waste initiative — eRevival Square! The pilot run of this programme will run for six months from Q3 2021 and builds on the success and reach of "Repair Kopitiam" (a community initiative of Sustainable Living Lab) to drive public awareness and consumer education on e-waste and cultivate a habit of consciousness towards the use of electronics.

Programme Highlights 
• Introduction to new e-waste pilot programme by SGTech and Sustainability Living Lab - eRevival Square
• NEA's new e-waste management initiatives: Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme and Producer Responsibility Scheme (PRS)
• Educational spaces for e-waste management by ALBA, Sustainable Living Lab and the producer partners
• Insights on how your company can contribute to greater sustainability
• Corporate and Community pledge to reduce e-waste

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7/25/2021 10:00 AM - 11:15 AM
Malay Peninsula Standard Time

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