SMEs Go Digital ICM Vendor Briefing

In support of the SMEs Go Digital programme, SGTech will conduct the vendor briefings starting from May 2019. All ICM vendors are welcome to attend.

ICM Vendors with ready digital solutions proven to deliver productivity gains to SMEs are invited to submit their solutions to be pre-approved by IMDA under the programme.

SGTech conducts monthly Vendor Briefings to share details on the SMEs Go Digital programme every first Friday of the month.

It is a mandatory prerequisite for companies to attend a briefing session before submitting their documents for the pre-approval process.

The application must be submitted within 3 months of your company's last attended session.

Before attending the SMEs Go Digital Vendor Briefing session, you are highly encouraged to read through the latest vendor self assessment checklist at this link here (, to familiarise yourself with the requirements. This would enable you to ask informative questions during the Q&A segment.

For more information on the programme, such as the schedule of dates, vendor checklist and more, please visit:
Click here to register directly. Seats are subjected to availability.


3.00pm SMEs Go Digital Programme

5.00pm End

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4/6/2023 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Malay Peninsula Standard Time

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