SGTech Members Share Insights on Women in Tech at iTNews Asia Roundtable


 On 15 July 2022, SGTech was well represented at a roundtable organised by iTNews Asia on issues surrounding Women in Tech. In an engaging discussion anchored on the broad theme of how women can advance their tech careers, our representatives offered several insights.

Ms Sharon Teo, SGTech's Councillor, said that women women should doubt themselves less and be more confident to take on STEM and leadership roles. Societal norms can be improved by featuring more successful cases of supportive spouses, partners, family members and bosses who encourage and give women leaders the peace of mind to grow their careers.

Ms Charmain Tan, CEO of SGTech member, QuickDesk, observed that empowering a lady with STEM education could be done through sidelined education. At the end of the day, we have to identify their interest and talent first. In addition, we need to not only mentor these ladies but also coach them to be STEM leaders.

Ms Yean Cheong, SGTech's Executor Director, emphasised on the importance of unbiased and strong family (or community) support.  She is appreciative that she was brought up in a gender-neutral household and was never discouraged from trying or doing anything based on her gender. She believes that there is also a need to provide a safe environment where everyone would feel free to speak up.

SGTech thanks the organiser for the kind invitation to offer our perspectives, the expert moderation by Ms Grace Chng and all the participating industry leaders for sharing their insights on this pertinent topic.

(Image credits: iTNews Asia)

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Published Aug 2022