Cloud & Data Chapter




The Cloud & Data Chapter aims to build capabilities of industry by facilitating awareness of new technologies, related standards and access to new markets. In addition, it seeks to enable organisations to develop a competitive advantage by harnessing the power of cloud, data and analytics.  

More importantly, it hopes to develop a vibrant ecosystem of providers and users from related industries for the industry at large to thrive.  


Our Advocacy 

Services 4.0 is the next paradigm shift in the future of services. Now, more than ever, businesses must transform to meet changing customer needs quickly, innovate and create new value to stay relevant and differentiate themselves from competitors.  

ICT solution providers are a crucial part of the equation, and the solutions they provide must be scalable and flexible. To achieve this, Cloud is the way to go.  

The Cloud & Data Chapter therefore aspires to help SGTech member companies leverage Cloud as a platform or utility to grow their business over the next 3 years.  


Key Highlights 

CloudAsia 2019 – Running for the 2nd year since SGTech took over the baton from IMDA. The conference, co-located with the Cloud Expo Asia exhibition, witnessed an attendance of close to 1,000 participants across industries and regions. We deep-dived into how cloud and digital technologies support the advancement of innovation, and also discussed trends in data privacy. Thanks to the partnership with Closerstill Media and strong support of IMDA for the successful run once again. 



Launch of Cloud Appreciation Series in support of GoCloud programme - In support of Singapore’s GoCloud movement, the Series was launched in early 2020 to rally and enable businesses to take the first step towards adopting Cloud. Fundamental questions such as “Should my business be on Cloud?” and “What should I do to get started?” were discussed at the inaugural launch. In addition, participants heard first hand from businesses alike on their experiences which were not all smooth-sailing but eventual benefits were acknowledged. 



Closed-door discussion with IMDA to include more partners in GoCloud programme - 2 new partners introduced subsequently after the initial launch, namely Alibaba Cloud & Human Capital Singapore and Google Cloud & Cloud Comrade.  






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