SGTech Membership

SGTech welcomes as members companies who are incorporated and/or registered in Singapore, that have made and will continue to make a positive contribution to the technology industry.

The requirements to join SGTech are a good track record in business operations and conduct, strong financial commitment and a significant local value-added component in the products and services offered. Members are required to comply with SGTech's code of practice.

Please note that you must first be a member of SGTech in order to join a Chapter.

All SGTech memberships will include a free membership to any one chapter while subsequent chapters would be standardized at a flat fee of only $500 per chapter.

SGTech supports various categories of membership. The fee structure for subscription supports companies of varying revenue margins.



Ordinary Membership (OM)
 Applies to companies whose core business is in technology in Singapore, including but not limited to, online services, telecommunication services,
 IT solution providers, digital media, digital entertainment and digital broadcasting.

Associate Membership (AM)
Applies to companies who:
a) are not in the technology Industry; OR
b) are in the technology Industry and do not qualify as Ordinary Members. Such companies are either:
  (i) registered as a sole-proprietor or firm with the Registrar of Companies and Businesses, Singapore and carrying on consultancy services related to the technology industry OR activities in connected Industries OR are substantive users of technology; OR
  (ii) any other Singapore or foreign organization OR legal entity which the Council deems fit to approve as an Associate Member
Startup Membership (SM)
Applies to companies:
a)  whose core business is in technology and develops its own technological innovative product (i.e., service companies would not qualify)
b) less than 3 years old since the incorporation date indicated in the ACRA.
c) registered as a legal entity and incorporated in Singapore, and not a subsidiary/ representative office of another company based in Singapore or overseas
d) with gross revenue of less than $500K in its latest financial year.

SGTech Secretariat has the discretion to ascertain whether a company falls within the Startup membership category.
Only the Ordinary Members have voting rights during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).
But all membership types (Ordinary, Associate and Startup) are entitled to SGTech benefits and privileges offered.

Rejoining Members
Rejoining members will be treated as new members and charged the same rate as above, including entrance fee and annual subscription fee.

Approval Of Membership
All approval and change of category is subject to the approval of the SGTech Membership Sub-Committee. Approval for membership takes between 14 to 21 day but provisions exist for expedited approvals. Once admitted, members are required to comply with SGTech's Code of Conduct .