Employer Spotlights

Are you looking to build your talent pipeline? The right people with the right skills can give your business a competitive edge.

SGTech together with TalentKraft, a HR strategy consultancy, have put together a list of companies that have tapped on various talent initiatives - Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) & Professional Conversion Programme (PCP). Click on the article links below to find out some HR strategies in grooming your dream team.

Article: From being interns to being an integral part of Arcadier

Company: Arcadier
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, Digital Solutions
Type: Multinational SME

Article: Empowering employees to empower customers
Company: ArcLab
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, Digital Solutions
Type: Startup

Article: A young startup shaking up the world of robotics
Company: Augmentus
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics
Type: Startup

Article: A familial team with learning ingrained in the culture
Company: ClayOPS
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, Digital Solutions
Type: SME

Article: A Singapore EdTech firm with Olympic-sized goals
Company: Cialfo
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, EdTech
Type: Startup

Article: A Singapore-based company with a global footprint
Company: Inspire-Tech
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, Enterprise Software Solutions
Type: Multinational SME

Article: Building the next generation digital health platform
Company: Iota Medtech
Industry: Biomedical & Healthcare Services, Artificial Intelligence
Type: Startup

Article: A hybrid of marketing agency and tech start-up
Company: MoWin Digital
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, MarTech
Type: Multinational  SME

Article: A software company with a passion to connect
Company: Octopus8
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, Software Solutions
Type: Startup

Article: The Expert Network of Southeast Asia and Beyond
Company: Sealed Network
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, Expert Network
Type: Startup

Article: Youthful vigour meets years of industry experience at this FinTech startup
Company: STACS
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, FinTech
Type: Startup

Article: Transforming the future of hourly work
Company: StaffAny
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, HR Tech
Type: Startup

Article: An international team with an emphasis on growth and empowerment
Company: Taiger
Industry: Infocomm & Technology, Artificial Intelligence
Type: Multinational SME