Capability Transfer Programme 

About Capability Transfer Programme (CTP)

CTP is a Workforce Singapore (WSG) programme to build up the capabilities of the local workforce by bringing in foreign specialists or sending Singaporeans overseas to acquire new capabilities. The objective of CTP is to support the innovation and adoption of new technologies as well as build deep capabilities in the local workforce. 


  1. Companies
    a. Singapore-registered company 
    b. Proposed project overview 
    c. Capability training plan 

Working models

    1. Innovation Hubs
    Central innovation facility supported by SGTech
    • On-site supervision and project guidance from foreign experts (similar to a principal investigator in research)
    • Possible innovation clusters with experts across disciplines
    2. Aggregated training 
    Consolidate demand for training programmes
    Training should be skills-based / vocational
    3. Short-term consultancy projects with training
    Foreign experts short projects/consultancy projects to help companies build capabilities.
    Training included

How SMEs can benefit
    1. Build and/or acquire new capabilities
    2. Funding support of 30% (non-SME) up to 90% (industry-level project coordinated by SGTech) 

To participate
If you meet the above criteria, email for the registration form.