Open Innovation Platform

"An Inclusive Community of Innovation for All”


Digitalisation of the economy in the 21st century pushes the boundaries of the ways in which people everywhere interact and conduct business. Increasingly, the lines between sectors are blurred and the need to solve multi-disciplinary problems grows. As the creation and exchange of data and information has exponentially increased across the globe, the ability to develop solutions through traditional mechanisms will no longer meet the challenges currently faced. A new method is necessary; through collaboration, the problems of today may transform into the opportunities and successes of tomorrow. The Open Innovation Platform (OIP) is an inclusive approach to matching supply and demand for innovation through a crowd-sourcing platform.

As Singapore champions digital transformation as a global leader of innovation, there is a need to accelerate and facilitate the development of novel and cutting-edge technology solutions. To fully leverage the opportunities created by the rapidly evolving digital economy, the rate of innovation and capabilities of the ICM sector must accelerate and expand.

SGTech, in partnership with Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) seeks to promote the innovation process and strengthen the talent behind ICM companies to ensure their competitive advantage in the global marketplace through the Open Innovation Platform. SGTech plays a strategic role in the OIP curation process that brings together interdisciplinary expertise from across a dynamic technology ecosystem to provide innovative solutions.

SGTech’s historic connection to Singapore’s technology industry, through partnerships with vibrant start-ups, academic institutes and leaders of industry, makes it uniquely positioned to coordinate key stakeholders in the Innovation process. SGTech’s successful, long-standing initiatives and diverse programs, foster a holistic ecosystem of collaboration that enables and empowers Singaporean Innovation.


OIP Initial Focus Sectors:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale Trade
  • F&B
  • Logistics/Transport
  • Built Environment & Security
  • Legal/Finance

    5 Key Technology Areas:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
  • Cybersecurity
  • Immersive Media
  • Blockchain

    Join an inclusive community of Co-Innovation at SGTech by submitting your (1) Problem Statement or (2) Interest to Solve, directly to


    2. Please submit a problem statement if your business or industry faces a problem without a commercial solution currently available. The OIP encourages rapid innovation through a large community of diverse expertise.

      An OIP Problem Statement could be looking for:

      1. Solutions that are not yet commercially available in their sector or for their business
      2. Solutions to develop new tech capabilities or combine tech capabilities in different disciplines
      3. Solutions leveraging existing capabilities and applied to new business/markets
      4. Solutions that can potentially disrupt service models or the industry
      5. Solutions that are scalable and exportable


    4. Please submit your interest to solve problems if your business would like to participate in the collaborative process of co-creating solutions to the emerging problems faced by industry. The OIP provides opportunities for co-innovation and access and insight to a large community of customers in different sectors.


    Please submit your statements and interest to:


    For more information, call +65 6325 9700