Singapore Enterprise Chapter




The Singapore Enterprise Chapter aims to champion for local enterprises and promote an active and healthy ecosystem of local tech SMEs.

The 3 pillars of the chapter are:

  1.  To strengthen businesses through Business Transformation, Talent Management,  Product Development, and Financing.
  2.  Increase collaboration with sectoral TACs to build larger networks and  partnerships
  3.  Support internationalisation within the community of local SMEs


Our Advocacy 

A vibrant tech sector is vital to driving Singapore’s digital transformation. To do so, we need to create favourable conditions to allow the local tech SMEs to flourish. In particular, government ICT projects can be an essential lever. They serve as a source of revenue and a credential for SMEs’ foray into overseas markets. In the current climate, government contracts can help tech SMEs survive and continue to hire their workforce.

The government can do more to help tech SMEs venturing overseas by incentivising large enterprises to serve as “motherships” for our SMEs in their overseas infrastructure projects.

Key Highlights 

HR Series: Developing Your Talent & Culture in the New Normal


An industry briefing on IMDA-led talent/professional development programmes targeted at ICT & media employers, specifically SMEs and decision makers on hiring matters.
The sharing focused on the importance of talent development as an avenue to continually upskill and invest in companies’ existing staff. Additionally, to open new hiring options to career switchers and mature PMETs to take up relevant roles with suitable upskilling.
Watch Developing your Talent and Culture in the New Normal

Technology for Business in the Age of Collaboration


SGTech’s Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC) curated a webinar titled “Technology for Businesses in the Age of Collaboration” to shed light on how businesses can leverage modern technologies in a virtual collaborative environment to remain competitive and sustainable.

Speakers shared how legacy coding and application development must transform to support an agile approach and interactions with users. The webinar included insights on the accelerating trends in the current business climate.

They also covered the practical applications of low-code and the digital experience platform, how companies have achieved success by clearly identifying their business challenge and requirements and leveraging these tools to meet their needs.

Read more: Technology for Businesses in the Age of Collaboration 

5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Organisational Behaviour


Our industry experts from Inspire-Tech, Organisation Resilience Management and Everbridge shared their insights on strategies that companies can take to strengthen their organisational resilience. 

Read more: 5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Organisational Resilience 

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