Digital Transformation Chapter




The Digital Transformation Chapter aims to contribute to Singapore’s strategic objective by supporting the ongoing digital transformation of the core industries of the Singapore economy.
We support companies in their Digital Transformation journeys by:

  1.  Providing  best practices and success storiesof technology implementation, business process improvement and workforce reskilling 
  2.  Helping members find partners or solution providers that fit their current needs 
  3.  Creating a platform for local & international firms to collaborate

Curating knowledge sharing sessions for the members to stay updated on the latest trends in Digital Transformation  

Our Advocacy 

Digital transformation is crucial for the survival and success of Singapore businesses. More importantly, it is a continuous endeavour, requiring the company to continually evolve to keep pace with evolving customer needs and make investments in relevant technology as the environment and customers change.

To succeed in this evolution, business leaders must change their mindset and company culture to embrace agility in their practices and equip employees with design thinking and innovation skills.

At the same time, individuals must be willing to embrace lifelong learning to stay agile.

Key Highlights 

Making Digital Transformation Work for Your Business


The pandemic has accelerated digitalisation and it has become critical for all businesses, large or small, to undergo digital transformation to remain relevant and continue to succeed. 
DxC organised a webinar where industry leaders highlighted how your company can identify digitalisation priorities, get started on your digital transformation journey, and adopt best practices from others’ success stories.
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AI Innovation in Fintech


Digital Transformation Chapter Chairman Dr Mark Shmulevich participated in the launch of the AI 101 Series. Speakers shared how industries have been compelled to accelerate their digital transformation as AI solutions disrupt many industries and facilitate innovations in different areas.
SMU MITB Day 2021


The Chairman of SGTech’s Digital Transformation Chapter, Mr Mark Shmulevich discussed the possibilities and opportunities for Digital Transformation with leading government and industry experts at a virtual conference organised by SMU Master of IT in Business. 

SGTech believes that digital transformation is crucial for the survival and success of Singapore businesses. Our Digital Transformation Chapter gathers like-minded companies with the common aim of accelerating innovation to drive the successful digital transformation of Singapore businesses.
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