About SGTech

SGTech, celebrating its 40th anniversary in 2022, is the leading trade association for Singapore's tech industry. Representing over 1,000 member companies ranging from top multinational corporations, large local enterprises, vibrant small and medium-sized enterprises, and innovative startups, it is the largest community in Singapore where companies converge to advocate for change and drive what enables tech innovation and accelerates tech adoption to spur greater sustainability in the sector. 

SGTech's mission is to catalyse a thriving ecosystem that powers Singapore as a global tech powerhouse.


SGTech's initiatives are guided by two strategic thrusts: 

1. To position Singapore as a global node for digital and data, built on trust. Among other things, SGTech will:

  • champion the creation of a Digital Transformation Centre to help companies transform;
  • push for standards, policies and products to be developed for Digital Trust; and
  • ensure greater Cyber Security awareness and adoption.  

2. The tech sector must take collective action and be part of the solution to Singapore and global Sustainability.

Underpinning these two pillars, and all our business activities, is Talent for Tech. 

SGTech Chapters and Committees

SGTech’s Chapters and Committees offer focused support and development to both strategic and emerging sectors in the technology industry.

The Chapters are:

  • AI & High-Performance Computing Chapter (AI&HPC)
  • Cloud & Data Chapter (CDC)
  • Cyber Security Chapter (CSC)
  • Digital Transformation Chapter (DxC)
  • Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC)
  • Smart Nation Chapter (SNC)


The Committees are:

  • Data Centre Committee
  • Data Protection Advisory Committee 
  • Digital Trust Committee
  • EdTech Committee
  • Game Committee
  • Government Procurement Advisory Committee 
  • SMEs Go Digital Advisory Committee 
  • Sustainability Committee
  • Talent & Capabilities Committee