TechSkills Accelerator (TeSA)

An initiative launched by the Singapore Government in Budget 2016, aims to address both issues in skills and infocomm manpower shortage in the ICT sector. IMDA, partnering with industry associations like SGTech and engaging the industry, will better define market needs, identify skills gaps, define means to bridge these gaps and develop new talents or reskill / upskill existing talents to fulfill those needs.

TeSA Structure - An Integrated Approach

Being the representative of the ICT industry, SGTech was appointed to the Governing Council and Sector Committee.

TeSA has two components:
(i)   TeSA | Core focuses on foundational ICT skills relevant across the economy e.g. cyber security and data analytics;
(ii)  TeSA | Sector comprises more specialised skills that build on TeSA | Core, starting with finance and healthcare.

Role of TeSA | ICT Sector Committee

  • Identify skills in demand and emerging ICT skills
  • Develop skills standards and certification recognised by the industry
  • Partner employers to facilitate job placement and remunerate based on skills

How will TeSA benefit me?

  • To an individual, there are various professional development programmes under TeSA such as:
    • Company-Led Training
    • Tech Immersion and Placement
    • CITREP+
  • With more professionals being trained, companies requiring tech talents will find more with skills that are relevant to today’s demand.

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