Singapore needs 15000 more ICT professionals, said Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim

Demand for infocomm professionals is growing. Over the next three years, Singapore’s infocomm manpower will add another 15,000 technical specialists to the 150,000 professionals today, said Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications and Information, in a video message at the Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) annual gala dinner on Oct 1 at the Fairmont Hotel.


The additional demand will come from the areas of cyber security, data analytics, development and network infrastructure, he added.


“While we can attract talent to join the industry, we must help Singaporeans acquire the necessary skills to thrive in the ever changing industry and deepen the experience of our Singapore core,” said Dr Yaacob.


New opportunities will also be created for polytechnic and Institute of Technical Education graduates to advance their careers through structured internships and certifications.

Dr Yaacob also highlighted that professionals from science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields who have a desire to join the ICT industry can apply for conversion programmes. This was in line with Singapore’s SkillsFuture effort, to invest in our people throughout their lives. He also shared that the first Tech Conversion and Emplacement project IDA is heading was with training organisation General Assembly.

IDA is also helping companies recruit, mentor and train professionals with less than three years of working experience through its Company-Led Training scheme. To date, 430 professionals have benefitted from this initiative. Many companies are joining this scheme. Google for example is training 25 aspiring analytics professionals while NCS will be developing 100 trainees over two years.


He also commended SiTF’s effort to publish a commemorative book to document the growth of the industry and its contribution to the country’s development. Among other stories, the book highlights the work of pioneer entrepreneur Mr Sim Wong Hoo of Creative Technology whose SoundBlaster sound card took the world by storm in 1990s.


The book also discusses the growth of the tech start-ups such as Hungrygowhere and online streaming service Viki.


Looking ahead, Dr Yaacob said that public-private sector partnership is needed for the further growth of the ICT industry.


“We will need industry partners like SiTF to create a supportive environment to build tech companies as well as to develop and retain tech talents in Singapore.”

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