On Nov 4, Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) Security & Governance Chapter (SGC) together with Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) organised the Institute of Higher Learning Security Road Show to about 150 third year students.



There were three speakers who spoke on various aspects of cyber security and working as a cyber security professional.

The first speaker, Mr JX Wee, Business Development Manager of Data Terminator spoke on “Efficient and Effective Privilege Access Monitoring.” He discussed the duties and responsibilities of cyber security professionals in managing mission critical infrastructure. They have to ensure they have the tools to prevent data loss in light of the Edward Snowden saga. Last year, the American had illegally downloaded and publicised top secret information from US intelligence agencies.


The second speaker, Mr Philip Kwa, Director of Product Sales ST Electronics (Info-Security) spoke on “Out of NYP – in to the World of Cyber Security”. He said there was demand for cyber security professionals in Singapore and described the various career opportunities available to them. For those who want to specialise in cyber security, they could also sign up for different information security certification courses.


The last speaker, Mr Benjamin Mah, co-founder and CEO of security start-up V-Key, shared his personal journey as an entrepreneur. He had built three start-ups with V-Key as his fourth.


At the end of the event, the students mingled with each other and the speakers.

Students crowded around Mr Mah to ask more questions.

SiTF would like to thank Nanyang Polytechnic for hosting the event and the speakers for spending time and sharing their experiences. SiTF would also like to thank Palo Alto Networks for providing a delicious tea spread.

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