Green IT Chapter

Green IT Chapter


The Green IT Pro-tem Chapter was formed in Nov 2008 by a group of individuals who shared the view that issues relating to Climate Change and the resulting Sustainability response was one which we in the ICT industry are well positioned to play a part to address. Over the past 12 months, the pro-tem team began with a modest program of activities that allowed members to begin to explore issues relating to Green IT.  These include:


    • 22nd April 2009, World Earth Day, Green IT Seminar
    • 1st Dec 2009, Green ICT Event of Sustainability – A Global Perspective


The current team comprises of volunteers from diverse backgrounds and domain expertise.


Together, the pro-tem group has clarified the key priorities for establishment of the Green IT Chapter, to be as follows: 





The Green IT Chapter aims to raise awareness in the industry in adopting environmentally conscious best practices.  It seeks the conscientious efforts from member organizations and stakeholders to spearhead/drive green efforts.


Through green initiatives and programs, the chapter serves member organizations by creating a platform to nurture innovative business opportunities.


The objectives that the pro-tem has mapped out:


  1. To position members for opportunities in Green IT technology & services
  •  Collaborating as an end-to-end holistic solution for Green IT Solutions & Services in Singapore
  •  Explore new areas for solutions and services to support industries address the sustainability challenges
  •  To serve as a channel through which member solutions are referenced


  1. To raise the level of understanding of Climate Change and Sustainability in general, and in Green IT in particular, through educational sessions and activities which may include
  • Overseas learning and study trips
  • Seminars, conferences, exhibitions from the industry about Green computing
  1. To collaborate with industry organizations and standards committees on Green IT standards and certification


The team has formed three sub-committees to support these objectives:


1.    The Education for Sustainability Workgroup will drive the agenda for member education across issues relating to the Green Agenda, to demystify and to update members on current global and industry topics such as issues relating to climate change, operating models of the carbon economy and carbon trading, and the business case for Green IT.  They will seek out speakers and events which the chapter will leverage for this purpose.

2.   The Green Solution Innovations Workgroup will support members of SITF who provide solutions and tools for Green IT and Energy Efficiency, driving activities which will facilitate go-to-market collaboration to deliver end-to-end Green IT solutions to the marketplace, and provide a platform for solution providers to engage in go-to-market activities. These include publication of a directory of Green IT Solutions and potential participation in trade shows.

3.   The Green CIO Workgroup was defined in recognition that the marketplace for our members is partially dependent on the level of commitment of CIOs to adopting Green IT.  This workgroup will seek to educate and engage CIOs through activities which will help CIOs better understand solutions, the business case for Green IT and demystify the range of solutions available in the marketplace. 



These represent the start-up phase of the Green IT Chapter and we expect that the program and focus areas of the Chapter will continue to mature and evolve.  As with initiatives of this nature the success of the Chapter will be largely dependent on the participation by members and their contributions of ideas and ways to further enrich the substance of the Chapter for the benefit of our members.

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