Mentoring Strategies for Millennials Workshop

In Mentoring Strategies for Millennials workshop held on 15 June, mentors learned about the different stages in mentoring, the skills required of a mentor and more. Mentors were given an insight to the roles and responsibilities of the interns as well as their expectations and skills. The class broke out into small groups for role-play and discussions of the different scenarios given. 

This round, the mentoring workshop comprised of lecturers from various Institutes of Higher Learning and interns providing their perspective on internship. Usha Menon, Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy facilitated the workshop.

Mentors who have been trained will be given priority in intern allocation. Companies who are keen to apply for interns are required to attend the half-day mentoring workshop first.

James Gwee, CTO of Micepad had this to say, "Very useful course and it was good to include interns to get their perspective as well!"

Nigel Teo, Co-founder & CEO, Tradably, said, "The workshop was very well run! It's a great idea to have interns, mentors & school staff to be in the same room & role playing in a safe setting.