600 Participated in Hackathon held in Batam Polytechnic


To assist local tech firms with their needs to hire talented programmers, coders and developers, SiTF led a group of tech companies and mentors to Batam Polytechnic in support of “Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) Coding Competition”. The competition was co-organised and supported by EDB, SG Innovate, SiTF, the Indonesian authorities as well as companies such as Infinite Studios, with exhibitors such as Aptiv8 Pte Ltd, Coolasia Technology Pte Ltd, Inspire-Tech Pte Ltd and Liquid Group Pte Ltd, to name a few.

The event started in the evening of 5th May and ended with a celebratory lunch on 7th May. Attracting more than 800 registrants, consisting of working adults as well as students specialising in computing and technology from Indonesia, close to 600 participated to form over 50 teams to take part in the competition. The BYOC Coding Competition theme consisted of problem statements from the Fintech, Digital Health and Trade Logistics sector.

Close to 600 participants’ discussion on strategies and coding, in their respective teams

After arrival from various parts of Indonesia, the participants were treated to dinner followed by a briefing session, and forming of teams. The coding competition officially started at 10pm on the first day. Led by SiTF, mentors and exhibitors arrived early on the 6th morning, where the mentors were ushered to a briefing session for their role in giving advice to participants in the competition. There were a total of 34 mentors consisting of lecturers from Batam Polytechnic as well as tech industry experts from various Finance institutions, technology companies and venture capitals. 

Mentors listening to Mr Alex Lin, on tips to coaching the participants in the Coding Competition

Food, drinks and snacks were served in Batam Polytechnic’s atrium throughout the 48 hours of competition

After the briefing session, mentors were soon introduced to the participants, and segregated according to their teams. In Photo, from left, Sam Tay & Diana Lee are the mentors for team 213, followed by Alicia Bok from SiTF, and team members

After the mentors were introduced to their respective teams, participants were advised of the team strategy, as well as given tips for their presentation on the pitching for the next day. The mentors and exhibitor companies gathered and bonded over lunch as well as dinner, before leaving at 9pm for a much-needed rest at Harmoni One Convention Hotel for the final day of the coding competition.

After breakfast on 7th May, the top 10 finalists teams were joined by their mentors in anticipation of the pitching of their presentation to a panel of judges. 

The panel of judges, consisting of Singapore tech companies and Indonesian counterparts


 The pitching session by the teams were done in a mix of Indonesian and English, with translation when necessary. The third runner up was team 213, second runner up was 312, and the wining team was 112. The winning team won via a social platform mobile application called “SakuPay” where it reduced the hassle for users to pay, by using Social Media, such as Facebook, Instagram to pay for products via the platform.

The winning teams pose after their hard work paid off

 After a celebratory lunch, mentors and exhibitors headed back to Singapore, with most of them promising to keep in touch with their teams.

To join such events and to participate in future of such competitions, as well as for more information on setting up an office and finding tech talents in Nongsa, Batam, Indonesia, please contact Ms Alicia Bok at: membership@sitf.org.sg

Participants found the visit engaging and useful in their decision to invest and set up an office in Nongsa.

If you have any queries on this trip or would like to learn more, please contact Alicia Bok at:

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