Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards

The Land and Transport Authority (LTA) from Singapore has won the Gold Award in the Government and Public Sector category for Project Land Transport Real-time [email protected] (POLARis) at the 2016 regional Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Awards.  The project, which uses IoT sensors to track real-time information on public buses, received the top honour on Dec 5th at the Taipei International Convention Center in Taiwan.  


Team Singapore: Exco members of APICTA representing SITF together with the Singapore participants at the 2016 APICTA awards.  A total of 11 organisations and schools represented Singapore this year.

Besides LTA, another seven Singapore teams were recognised as merit award recipients:
LDR Technology for Pocket-Trips in the e-Learning category, Miao Technology’s MIAO  in the Start Up category , The Oddle Company’s Oddle  in the Tourism and  Hospitality category, Raffles Institution for two of its team’s entries: Lexi and RI-Hand in the School Project, Dunman High School’s SocialShield and in the Tertiary Student Project, Nanyang Polytechnic for its Emotional Analysis Buddy.

LTA receives the Gold Award for Government and Private Sector: (from left to right) Mr Jong-Chin Shen, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C; Mr Huang Shao Fei, Director, Innovation & Smart Mobility Office, Land Transport Authority; Mr Jang-Hwa Leu, Deputy Director General of Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C; Mr Robert Wang, Chief Consultant / General Manager, Taipei Computer Association; and Mr Niran Noor, APICTA Vice Chairperson.

LTA is honoured and privileged to represent Singapore at this year’s awards, and to bring Singapore ICT to the forefront on the global stage,” said Mr Huang Shao Fei, Director, Innovation & Smart Mobility Office, Land Transport Authority. “Tracking of buses in real-time requires accurate sensors capable of transmitting location data at per-seconds intervals. Traditional solutions depend on expensive, dedicated radio networks. LTA adopted an innovative approach by leveraging on public telecom networks. The end-result was delivered at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems with bus arrival predictions accuracy of 95% better than most advanced cities.”


Eleven organisations and schools from Team Singapore

Team Singapore, led by Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF), comprises 11 organisations and schools submitted 13 entries that competed against 236 submissions and 16 economies in Asia Pacific.

The APICTA Awards, an annual ICT competition now in its 16
th year, is aimed at recognising innovative ICT products, solutions, services and applications developed from each participating economy. The Awards Ceremony was open by President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan much to the delight of the 1,000 guests who were present at the Taiwan Convention Centre.


“We are happy to be recognized in several of the categories that we participated in despite the strong competition this year. The growing number of entries and competitors in the Awards also shows the region’s growing ICT talents and innovation,” said Ms Shirley Wong, Exco Member of APICTA representing SiTF. She added that the Awards also presents a great opportunity and platform for participants to showcase their products and technology and to be connected to a larger international audience.


The Singapore contingent also took part in other ancillary events such as Business Matching, Student Workshops and Start-Up Day which were held in conjunction with the APICTA awards from 2nd to 5th December. Miao Technology competed against other Start Ups from the region and emerged winner in the Pitch Contest by International Start Ups, organised by the Taiwan Innovation Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC).    

About The APICTA Awards

The Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards (APICTA Awards) is an annual international awards program organised by APICTA. It aims to increase ICT awareness in the community and assist in bridging the digital divide. By providing networking and product benchmarking opportunities to ICT innovators and entrepreneurs in the region, the program is designed to stimulate ICT innovation and creativity, promote economic and trade relations, facilitate technology transfer, and offer business-matching opportunities via exposure to venture capitalists and investors.

Participants of the awards program comprise members of the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance APICTA. They are guided by the Framework of Cooperation identifying how member-economies can work together in support of the Awards Program as well as other programs that foster development and growth of the ICT industry in the region. APICTA Members include Australia, China, Bangladesh, Brunei, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Hong Kong and Nepal.


Appendix: List of Singapore APICTA 2016 award recipients

Gold Winner

Government & Public Sector

Land Transport Authority

Project Land Transport Real-time [email protected] (POLARis)

POLARis leverages the installation of commodotized IoT sensors on all public buses to track, monitor and predict arrival times, compute crowdedness on buses in real-time and alert bus operators to inject additional buses on busy routes. Navigational maps and traffic incidents are also displayed on a console to aid bus drivers in completing the journey.



LDR Technology Pte Ltd



Pocket Trip is a proprietary software that allows anyone, anywhere in the world without programming knowledge to be able to very rapidly develop their own location-based trails that can be published on Android or IOS devices, and with content that could be triggered by advances location-based technologies.


School Project

Raffles Institution


Lexi is a smartphhone app that supports reading for dyslexics – it extracts and replaces words in photos of physical documents with those in dyslexic friendly font. It enables other reading functions that guide users’ focus while reading word by word, and provides visual dictionaries to explore new vocabulary.


School Project

Raffles Institution



Ri-Hand is a project that aims to improve the quality of life of low-income upper limb amputees. It is a multifunctional prosthetic hand with some tactile sensations, which can be 3D-printed cheaply. These functions are achieved through incorporation of engineering mechanisms, and vibration motor arrays connected to force sensor arrays.


School Project

Dunman High School



SocialShield is a web browser plug-in which aims to create a safer social media environment for users. It comprises three main functions - protection from harmful content on Twitter, warning users when they post dangerous content with self-assessment tool, and reminding users about their continual Twitter usage time to prevent addiction.



Miao Technology Pte Ltd


MIAO is an image-based search engine for students to get instant answers to their academic questions simply through snapping a picture.


Tertiary Student Project

Nanyang Polytechnic

Emotional Analysis Buddy

Emotional Analysis Buddy is an app that aids early detection and management of emotional stress by analysing stress levels through the user’s daily post on different social medial platforms. It identifies patterns in real time and updates the user on his emotional state.


Tourism & Hospitality

The Oddle Company Pte Ltd


Oddle is an online ordering system made for restaurants. Beyond providing a white label e-commerce solution for our restaurant partners, we believe in helping them to be part of a sustainable growth ecosystem. Through the Oddle ecosystem, we provide additional logistics and marketing support for our restaurant partners.