The Edge Singapore Cyber Security Roundtable Discussion

On 26 April, the Edge Singapore hosted a roundtable discussion on “Safer Cyberspace for Future-Ready Business.”   The event saw a lively discussion among panellists and audience on topics involving the cyber landscape, such as threats faced by organisations today and measures organisations can take to prevent or deal with these threats, as well as SGTech’s role in bridging the gap for organisations. 

The Roundtable Discussion panellists included Mr Andrew Hobby, Vice President of Systems Engineering, Asia Pacific & Japan at Cisco; Mr Gerry Chng, Asean Cybersecurity Leader at Ernst & Young; Mr Ian Yip, Chief Technology Officer, APAC at McAfee; Ms Tammie Tham, Chairman, Cyber Security Chapter at SGTech. Mr Timothy Go, Presenter, 938NOW & Founder of Tech360.TV served as panel moderator.

Chairman of the SGTech’s Cyber Security Chapter, Ms. Tammie Tham, provided insights on programs and initiatives available through SGTech on how businesses and organisations can build resilience and decrease their risk exposure.  Additionally, panellists shared their experiences and best practices which can be adopted by organisations. 

The roundtable discussion highlighted two key components to businesses safety and preparation for the future of cyberspace:
1) Education is vital. 
Regardless of the extent of preventive measures in place, there still lies the company’s weakest link which subjects the organisation to vulnerabilities. This is where education is important, to ensure everyone across the organisation are well-informed on steps to take in the event of a cyber-attack.

2) Culture is critical.
Organisational and corporate culture is crucial in ensuring employees deal with a cyber-attack appropriately and responsibly. It has to be a top-down approach to instil best practices and awareness across the company or organisation. For instance, a “safety moment” practice was shared where each employee is asked to highlight a specific tip or advice at every company townhall meeting.

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Published May 2018