Mentorship Workshop & TP Students' Visit on the 5th of December!

In the last mentoring workshop for 2018, 18 Mentors from various companies were trained to be able to better communicate and engage interns they hire. This round, we have invited 13 Temasek Polytechnic School of Business interns to share their thoughts on internship and what makes their internship a good experience for them to consider joining the tech industry.

(TP Students joining in a internship case study exercise with the participants)


The Temasek Polytechnic students, who currently at the tail end of their internship programme, also invited their internship mentors and presented their internship experiences!


Hilmi currently interning at Block Tree Club shares his experience – “I got to do things that students in my Diploma course don’t usually do. I interacted with the technical and hands-on side of the business, and that helped broaden my perspectives. One thing that I caught from the mentors, was to not stop learning and look at what’s next. A project failure doesn’t mean the end of a business.”


My key takeaway after interning at InspireTech, is really the acronym K.E.Y: ‘Keep Educating Yourself’ – If you’re willing to learn, there is always somebody who is willing to teach you. Keep asking questions, and stay ready to receive guidance and feedback.” says Julia, Marketing Intern at InspireTech

(Group photo of the interns with their mentors, as well as TP & SGTech Staff)

Companies interested to take in interns can register for the next workshop on 14 Feb 19 can register on this link! Local SMEs can qualify for internship allowance funding if they meet the eligibility requirements. Apply for the funding before your interns start their internship. 

Note: The application and approval process may take 8 weeks or more, so don’t wait!

For more information on this event, please write to [email protected]

Published Dec 2018