A unique and collaborative federated service framework that enables service providers and users to adopt easier and faster cloud technologies and serverless providers.

Epyphite Solutions' platforms and services help companies and communities to adopt cloud environments faster and more easily, enabling quicker integrations, data ingestion and data processing across sectors.

Their unique approach derives from adaptive swarming methods and learning techniques, identifying the best path for the business and operational success, enabling massive amounts of information to be processed, analyzed and enriched.

Completely cloud-agnostic, Resilient One has faster and superior abilities to adapt and improve cloud adoptions. 

ResilientOne’s Freedom :

Allows the division of complex systems into its constituent parts enabling third parties and users to select and control ownership of their personal data, independently of the media platforms that they are using.

ResilientOne's Myrmidon:

A need-driven machine learning system for automation and predictive analytics, supporting operations of aerospace vehicles, industrial machines and software-driven devices.

ResilientOne's Tape:

Resilient One's Tape is a distributed intelligence security engine adapted to provide first of class safety and tranquillity to its users.

Website: https://www.epyphite.com/

Published Sep 2020