Solus Connect was founded by a team of executives from information security and financial services with the common belief of collecting, simplifying, and presenting actionable threat data from one platform. Their solution design strategy is to improve the user's security further. This can be done in two ways: Letting our customers choose how they want to authenticate their users and letting the users decide how they want to be authenticated. 

Value Proposition:

▸ A patented digital authentication customer experience platform that completely replaces existing / legacy-based pin-based OTP & password systems.

▸ A cutting-edge composite authentication modality interface where users can authenticate themselves across a range of validation mediums through a completely frictionless experience.

▸ Featuring security thresholds that passively monitor and preemptively detect fraudulent activities associated with user authentication to protect transaction session proactively.

▸ The only risk aggregation & scoring authentication platform in the world that can perform in-session correlation of authentication modality logs; coupled with big data analytics to ascertain user credentials/validity intelligently. 


Published Sept 2020