Blue Elephants Solutions Pte. Ltd. (BES) is a young and highly innovative tech start-up in the B2B space. It was founded 2019 in Singapore. “Our goal is to lead the digital transformation by delivering highest quality and highest customer satisfaction” says the founder Christian D. Borchert, an experienced German, living and working since 7 years in Singapore.

Blue Elephants Solutions is your Number One Partner if:
•    You want to digitalize your processes or transform to a digital business model.
      BES provides you strategic consulting and project management support
•    You are looking for the right software solution that fits perfectly to your needs.
      BES supports in your need analysis, sourcing or development of software solutions
•    You train employees but they forget quickly and behavioral change is lacking.
      BES provides a Gamified Micro Knowledge Retention Solution to improve your Training ROI

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Published Sep 2020