Improving Solution Security with GoSecure in a COVID-19 Driven Recession


Amidst the pandemic, businesses are digitalising to ensure of their survivability. Solution providers, system integrators and tech service providers are advised to ensure their solutions are secure; to minimize the risk of cyber-attacks to their customers.  All this was discussed at the first GoSecure programme webinar, organised by SGTech, IMDA, SIT, TUV SUD and Athena Dynamics. 

Held on 27 Aug 2020, more than 80 attendees from the ICT sector joined the webinar. Mr Dutch Ng, honorary treasurer of the Cybersecurity Chapter in SGTech, welcomed all to the session with an introduction to SGTech and benefits of utilising the GoSecure programme. Mr Ng Ai Hock, Assistant Director from IMDA Innovation & Tech Ecosystem, was next in elaborating on “Improving Security Posture in Tech SMEs through GoSecure”. He highlighted that improving tech SMEs’ security posture was crucial to Singapore’s economy and cyber defence with the following points: 


Mr Ng noted that industry challenges are holding back ICT SMEs’ ability to build up cybersecurity capabilities, such as: 

With these challenges in mind, IMDA’s GoSecure programme was expanded to subsidise up to 80% of the cost of ICT SMEs adoption of off-the-shelf cybersecurity tools and services during solution development and deployment through the Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG). Attendees were polled on their adoption of cybersecurity services, to ensure the programme remains relevant and effective. 

Assistant Professor Goh Weihan from the Infocomm Technology Cluster in Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) continued the webinar with  “Tales from the Real World”. He presented cases of possible cyber-breaches to organisations’ data which could be carried out easily, due to the lack of security in their systems and processes. He cautioned that with the high rate of adoption in digitalisation, tech companies that provide products and services to clients, need to ensure that their products are highly secure to minimize any compromise to their client’s data. 

Mr Siak Ru Ren from TUV SUD PSB also highlighted the cyber risks within  supply chains. “Island hopping” is a term used to describe the process of undermining a company's cyber defences by going after its vulnerable partner network, rather than launching a direct attack. With this method, attackers can traverse across connected networks to eventually gain unauthorised access to their target. 

In the final presentation,  CEO of Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd, Mr Ken Soh spoke about the importance of Binary Code Review. Mr Dutch Ng concluded the webinar by facilitating a questions and answer segment between the audience and presenters. The discussion covered questions on Gosecure programme, how the Gosecure programme help tech vendors in getting onto the SMEs Go Digital pre-approval listing, and the mindset changes companies need to make to proritise cybersecurity in their solutions. 

We thank our speakers and attendees for their participation.

 To get the full sharing, you can catch the webinar recording.


 You may also wish to download the presentation slides here:
Presentation Slides by Athena Dynamics
Presentation Slides by IMDA
Presentation Slides by Singapore Institute of Technology
Presentation Slides by TUV SUD

More to come

SGTech continues to organise more sessions to help SMEs and startups tide over the current challenges.