Go International: ICT Sector Opportunities in the Philippines

The Go International webinar series aims to help fellow ICT companies learn about navigating different territories. In this session, SGTech has invited Enterprise Singapore (ESG) and Orissa International to present an overview of the Philippine market, tech talent in the Philippines, opportunities in the ICT sector and various market entry options for Singapore companies. Edufied also shared the success story of their business journey in the Philippines.  

Mr Darren Lee, ESG’s Regional Director based in Manila, presented that Singapore is the Philippines’ top ASEAN investor and ranks as one of the country’s top international investor. Many digital companies see the Philippines as a vital market primarily because of its large English-speaking population. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the adaption of digital technologies in the consumer, private and government sectors in the Philippines. Mr Lee also cited cases of top conglomerates in the Philippines that are focusing their strategies and investments on digitalisation.  

Ms Angelica Ortega, Business Development Manager at ESG, continued the presentation by speaking about the Philippine’s vast pool of skilled talent. With a media age of 23, the Philippines produces a growing number of tertiary graduates from technology-related courses. All these pose an excellent advantage for Singapore businesses venturing into the Philippines, especially as English is a primary language used in academic, corporate and government environments.

Mr Elmer Magno, Country Manager at Orissa International, presented the opportunities in the ICT sectors, such as public organisation, IT business process management, software and IT services, retail and e-commerce, financial services and cybersecurity. 
He highlighted that government policies are supportive of the ICT sector in the Philippines, which leads to higher levels of IT integration into the operations of large enterprises and the  government. The impact of COVID-19 continues the acceleration of e-commerce and e-payment adoption in the country, further driving investments to logistics and retail infrastructure.

Lastly, Mr Ryan Soh from Edufied shared the success story of his business journey into the Philippines, and why he has chosen this market to venture in.   
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This webinar is part of SGTech’s “Go International” series to help ICT Companies learnt about navigating different territories. Do check out similar content under.  Please look out for the other webinars in this series.

Published Aug 2020