Go International: Entering China #4 – Trade

The Go International webinar series aims to help ICT companies learn about navigating into different overseas markets.  SGTech held the fourth session of the Entering China series on 13 Aug 2020, and invited AC Trade Advisory to present on the global trade and customs landscape, as well as the major trends impacting China’s ICT sector. AC Trade Advisory also presented on how companies can manage the business impact of trade touchpoints on the ICT sector and provided tips on managing its effects on business operations in China.


Key Takeaways

Founder and Managing Partner of AC Trade Advisory Ms Angelia Chew gave her take on the major trade trends impacting the ICT sector. 


She highlighted that the presence of China’s encryption controls would be worth serious consideration by ICT companies if they are interested in the Chinese market. 

Co-founder and Partner at AC Trade Advisory Mr Eugene Jang shared on the existing FTAs in place to facilitate trade flows around the world. 


Mr Jang provided some tips on managing the impact of trade on business operations in China. He highlighted how each of the company’s business unit needs to understand how global trade impacts them and make an informed decision together.   

Before ending their presentation, AC Trade Advisory visited the expanded scope of the Enhanced Market Readiness Assistance Grant by Enterprise Singapore, which assists companies seeking in-depth FTA consultancy and overseas business development support.   
 To get the full sharing, you can catch the webinar recording.


 You may also wish to download the presentation slides here:
Presentation Slides by AC Trade Advisory

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Published Sep 2020