Letters of Intent No Longer a Requirement for Pre-Approval of Solutions under SMEs Go Digital Programme

Good news for ICT solution providers preparing their submissions for pre-approval under the SMEs Go Digital Programme. IMDA has removed the requirement to include Letters of Intent from five prospects.

Through SGTech’s involvement in the SMEs Go Digital Programme since May 2019, solution providers had consistently expressed that this requirement was putting new, innovative solutions at a disadvantage. For many SMEs, the availability of grants is one of the top criteria used in selecting solutions. With no grant in sight, few companies were willing to commit to a purchase.

Seeing this challenge faced by the community, SGTech voiced the industry's concern to IMDA. We are grateful that IMDA responded positively with the removal of this onboarding requirement of the programme. Solution providers are no longer required to provide five Letters of Intent as part of the Vendor Self-Assessment Checklist submission.


PSG Grant for COVID-19 Solutions will end by 31 Dec 2020

After May 2020, IMDA has ceased accepting new submissions for pre-approval for ICT solutions related to COVID-19. The PSG for this category will also cease by 31 Dec 2020.

These include:
  • Remote Working - Online Collaboration Tool
  • Remote Working - Virtual Meeting Solution
  • Visitor Management - Queue Management System
  • Visitor Management - Temperature Screen Solution
  • Healthcare - Teleconsultation (Video)

To download the Vendor Self-Assessment Checklists or register for the next Vendor Briefing conducted by SGTech, please visit https://www.sgd.org.sg/



--- Published Oct 2020