China-Singapore (Chongqing) ICT Innovation And Collaboration Alliance Annual Meeting

SGTech participated in the 1st Annual Meeting of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) ICT Innovation And Collaboration Alliance on 1 Sep 2020 and presented the Work Report of the Alliance over the past year, as well as the upcoming Work Plan for the next. 

SGTech took on the Singapore Chairmanship of the Alliance on 26 Aug 2019. Co-chaired by China’s Technology Service Market in Chongqing (TSMC), the Alliance aims to create and foster favourable conditions for members to internationalise. The Alliance aim to be a bridge between governments and businesses to cooperate in projects, promoting Chongqing Connectivity Initiative ICT Pillar and recommending demonstrative projects for China-Singapore ICM Joint Innovation Development Fund. 


Work Report 2019 - 2020

Through weekly coordination meetings, the Alliance plans and brainstorms for activities that will help to facilitate cross border business. Some key events over the past year include the Chongqing - Singapore Business Matching Event and SGTech’s Entering China Webinars


Workplan for 2020 - 2021

Beyond Webinars and Business Matching events, more activities are lined up in 2020 to 2021 to continue fostering favourable conditions for our members to internationalise. SGTech will also be launching a “China Portal for Internationalisation” to enable companies to network freely and obtain information on markets of interest. Finally, SGTech is planning to organise a business mission to Chongqing in mid-2021. 


Calling for companies interested to join future Business Matching events

If you are a tech company interested to expand overseas and would like to take part in future events, please fill up this business matching form. For enquiries, please email

Published Sep 2020