Chapter Chairmen Describe their Chapter’s Focus in FY2020/21


At this year’s Annual Chapter Meetings held in early September, members also heard their Chapter Chairman describe the focus of their chapter for the coming term. We have collated a short summary of what each Chairman said below.




“The Artificial Intelligence and High Performance Computing Chapter intends to focus our efforts in two areas.

Firstly, advocate for the broader adoption of AI in our digital economy, by showcasing AI’s transformative benefits through the lens of business leaders and adopters/workers and ensuring that industry members are apprised of the latest developments in AI so that they can leverage the best Data + AI technology approaches for their solutions. We will continue to engage across all sectors and bring the ecosystem together to adopt more digital AI capabilities in their digital transformation efforts, and in collaboration with academic stakeholders such as AI Singapore and research institutes like NUS.

Finally, we want to champion the ethical use of AI. This is important to engender trust in AI as no one would use technologies one cannot trust. Being aware of sensitive use cases where potential of denial of consequential services, risk of harm and infringement of human rights can erode trust. We will continue to drive for robust discussions in this area to up-level our collective consciousness of this very important area.

The current COVID-19 pandemic climate has reduced many face-to-face engagements, I encourage members to use our Chapter’s LinkedIn group to keep our interactions going.” 

- Mr Richard Koh, Chairman of Artificial Intelligence & High Performance Computing Chapter



“The Cloud & Data Chapter’s focus is to help every member leverage Cloud as a platform or utility to grow their business. We will support our members in their Cloud transformation journey through initiatives and activities aligned to our 5C’s: Create, Conduct, Connect, Collate and Collaborate. Under the outgoing Chairman, Soon Tein’s leadership, we have started being engaged in government programmes such as the GoCloud programme. We also have a very active group of Data Centre Committee members with us. I strongly believe that, as we keep the momentum going, we can bring our Chapter to greater heights and be one of the most hardworking and fun groups in SGTech!” 

- Mr Gunasekharan Chellappan, Chairman of Cloud & Data Chapter



“The Cyber Security Chapter has two key areas of focus:

One is to focus on the immediate action - we must empower and enable companies to know and adopt the type and level of cyber protection that is appropriate for their business. While we help SMEs adopt the suitable level of cybersecurity, we also want to encourage ICT companies to embed cybersecurity and data protection features into digital tools by taking advantage of the funding support via the GoSecure Programme. 

Two is to build for the future - we want to expand the talent pipeline for the cybersecurity industry by inspiring more youths and mid-career job-seekers. Leveraging industry veterans to share their experiences and career opportunities in the field can help deliver a powerful message to attract more talents to this sector.”

- Mr Dutch Ng, Chairman of Cyber Security Chapter



“Digital transformation is an ongoing process. Managers on all levels must be aware of the latest developments, best practices, proven value today and potential benefits in the near future that transformation can bring for the company. Moreover, successful transformation requires not only understanding of the tools, technology and processes, but also shaping and sustaining the right business culture.

The Digital Transformation Chapter will be a trusted partner and a best-practice repository for Singapore businesses in all these areas. We will also engage government agencies to encourage SMEs to embrace transformation as a regular process. Other activity directions will include knowledge sharing, fine-tuning the Industry Development Plans or elaborating programmes with agencies and institutions to equip external facilitators and internal Digital Transformation Leads for SMEs with the needed skills and tools. Drawing on our members’ expertise, SGTech can support a community of Digital Transformation Leads with references for best practices and curated successful use cases of solutions that work. We welcome members with expertise in these areas to join us to contribute to the ongoing digital transformation of Singapore’s economy.”

- Mr Mark Shmulevich, Chairman of Digital Transformation Chapter



“With face-to-face activities severely curtailed this year, our Chapter activities will emphasise on advocacy, to engage government agencies and ministries behind the scenes to get attention and help where it is needed, so that we can survive this period and be ready to leap when the market picks up. There are three parts to our advocacy.

First - create an ecosystem in which tech SMEs can thrive, through actively including SMEs in Government ICT projects; secondly, support tech SMEs who are ready to venture abroad through government incentives and mandates for large enterprises to be motherships for SMEs. The third part is to facilitate and create incentives for tech SMEs to pursue opportunities overseas by forming consortiums leveraging their collective strengths.

We welcome members to contribute ideas and participate in the activities that are relevant to you.”

- Ms Sharon Teo, Chairman of Singapore Enterprise Chapter



“The Smart Nation Chapter wants to help the industry grow through a three-pronged approach.

Firstly, by having the industry participate more actively in proposing and co-creating smart nation projects.

Secondly, looking beyond our membership base and collaborate with other industry verticals through working with other trade associations and chambers (TACs), to drive greater awareness and adoption of smart solutions in the private sector.

Thirdly, help our members access overseas markets to bring their solutions out of Singapore. We are planning to conduct thematic webinars on smart nation, and welcome members to propose topics that we can explore together.” 

- Mr Lau Shih Hor, Chairman of Smart Nation Chapter



Chapter Executive Committees

You can find out the individuals who were elected into each Chapter’s Executive Committee in this related article.


The advocacy positions for each Chapter are being circulated among members and finalised. These positions clarify the important issues for each chapter and what SGTech intends to do in relation to the issues. You can read the position papers as they are progressively published on our website.



Published October 2020