Cloud Appreciation Series 3: Seizing Opportunities with Cloud Native 



In the third instalment of Cloud Appreciation Series, we invited Google and Cloud Comrade, who are one of the appointed Cloud Platform & Appointed Service Provider under the national GoCloud programme, to present at the webinar.  Mr Gunasekharan Chellappan, newly-appointed Chairman of SGTech’s Cloud & Data Chapter, kicked off the webinar with a welcome address. With the Chapter’s advocacy centring around 5 Cs - “Create, Conduct, Connect, Collate and Collaborate”, the Cloud Appreciation Series is an initiative under “Conduct”, where SGTech enables organisations on their cloud transformation plans by learning from others. Mr Gunasekharan highlighted that going Cloud Native is not just a matter of changing your software architecture or going on to the Cloud, but also about picking up new skills, and one’s business model/strategy. 

Ms Jayotika Mohan, Head of APAC Small & Medium Business, Google Cloud,  presented to the audience on why a hybrid or multi-cloud strategy is critical, key principles for success and how Google Cloud empowers one in doing so. Key takeaways from her sharing include: 

  • By 2021, 75% of mid-sized, or large businesses are going utilise the Cloud, either through multi-Cloud or hybrid Cloud technology. Any company that needs to continue to innovate for success from 2022 onwards are going to need Cloud technology. 
  • In the next five years, the amount of data in this world is going to increase to almost five times of current levels. That would mean that existing on-premise or older systems are not going to be sufficient to store that data, get intelligence out of it, and enable the speed that companies need to get ahead.
  • With a fully-managed Cloud service, developers do not have to spend time managing on-premise servers to ensure stability. They can focus completely on innovation and not on handling issues or gaps in the infrastructure. Artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities serve as a bonus to the business.
  • Going on Cloud helps differentiate in the following areas:
    Speed to get to market - Depending on the kind of business you run, going on Cloud could shorten the time to get to your consumers and partners
    Innovation - Today, one-third of developers are spending their time as IT managers or system engineers because they’re working with more monolithic systems. That’s taking away a lot of time from them, which could be spent on innovation. 

Mr Richard Seow, Partner Manager at Cloud Comrade, continued the webinar by shedding light on how companies can get started with the right support. Key highlights of the GoCloud programme and Cloud Comrade’s support are:
  • The GoCloud programme supports companies to embark on their microservices journey, while also training the company’s engineers. 
  • The programme includes a 3-day workshop to coach development teams and conducts a discovery workshop to define the desired outcomes better.
  • Funding support is now up to 80% (or up to SGD24,000) of the total service fee for the entire programme (only eligible for ICT SMEs).

The webinar concluded with an engaging Q&A facilitated by Mr Gunasekharan Chellappan. We hope this has inspired and sparked interest among ICT SMEs in taking actions to transform their businesses. 

We thank our speakers from Google Cloud and Cloud Comrade for their insights, as well as all attendees for their participation. 

To get the full sharing, please view the webinar recording.


Published Nov 2020