Gmeal is a Singapore social enterprise that is providing the first web platform and APP as digital Pay-it-forward automation tool. This is a unique concept, and it combines technology and community aid to serve those who find it difficult to access proper welfare support in a consistent manner, such as the underprivileged communities affected by the pandemic and frontline workers.

The App allows retail merchants to act as a Kindness Centre and list down their meals and essential services and goods provided, just like any other food delivery app, for free. Their innovative solution allows individuals and companies to purchase these economic items directly from retail merchants and make them available for the underserved in the ‘live’ setting without any logistical help from volunteers. By doing so, individuals vetted by the authority would be able to use this as a tool to fulfil their needs on their own during difficult times. The kind contributors can deliver a customised note of encouragement when the items are picked up by the beneficiaries. 

In addition to its philanthropic activities, Gmeal also provides a direct channel that allows F&B merchants to make direct contributions and reduce food wastage. 


Published Nov 2020