Employer Spotlight: MoWin Digital

A hybrid of marketing agency and tech start-up

MoWin Digital is a marketing agency-tech company hybrid which uses marketing technology (MarTech) products to deliver marketing returns for their clients. It was founded in 2018 in Singapore with a traditional agency setup, but has since both pivoted to technology-oriented tools and grown to offices in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia. MoWin works with global MNCs as well as Fortune 500 companies in Asia, and counts Salesforce, Adidas, and Singapore Airlines among its collaborators.
Unique presence and opportunities in China

The team with clients and partners that made our event a success.

As MoWin’s largest office is in Beijing, employees have the opportunity to work with their Chinese counterparts and collaborators, giving them valuable exposure to the Chinese culture. For instance, MoWin is currently collaborating with IMDA to promote SMEs to the China market. 

Beyond the culture, the skillsets required for marketing in China are also unique. Crucially, the same platforms available for marketing in much of the world - such as Facebook - are not available in China, with sites such as Tencent and WeChat being widely used instead. Working with MoWin, which has a proprietary marketing stack built in China, offers the chance to learn and familiarise oneself with the unique marketing approach that the Chinese market requires.
Not just another marketing agency
MoWin’s focus on technology results in a culture unlike traditional marketing agencies. Instead, this unique blend has made MoWin more analytics- and data-driven, while remaining focused on delivering marketing returns. Why does MoWin value and retain this approach? As they quote Dan Zarella, social media scientist, on their website, “Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed.” 

Of course, their position as both a marketing agency and a tech company may seem intimidating to potential employees and interns, especially if they are familiar with only marketing or technology but not both. However, prospective applicants should not regard MoWin as an unsolvable mystery, but a learning opportunity. MoWin is eager to teach and train employees, encouraging them to continue playing to their strengths while acquiring and integrating new skills. Particularly for those with marketing experience but new to technology, MoWin’s co-founder ianton emphasises that the myth of technology being an obstacle to conquer is false, as the purpose of technology is to actually make life and jobs easier.

Past intern Melody’s experience is a testament to MoWin’s patience and commitment to teaching. Melody began her internship with very little knowledge of what Martech really was, and progressively developed her understanding throughout the course of her work experience. It was only in the last few days of her internship that she consolidated her insights and realised the importance of truly knowing the consumer base. Melody also benefited from a wide range of exposure - she was able to liaise with partners and clients to brush up her communication skills, and also learnt how natural language processing (NLP) frameworks are developed. 

Beyond the opportunities to pick up new skills, new hires can expect to work in areas they have no experience in - someone with a HR background could be asked to adopt project management responsibilities. MoWin is happy to support them through such adjustments by, for example, putting them through programmes and conversion courses. This ensures that they will be best placed to maximise their experience in a new role. More generally, MoWin is also prepared to teach new hires the crucial skills needed to complete company tasks. For example, part of their onboarding is to learn how to use several specific/niche platforms.

Behind-the-scenes of a live stream event

Exciting and unusual new projects
The pandemic has introduced unforeseen uncertainty, heavily impacting the project schedule of many firms across various industries and countries. During this time, it is more crucial than ever to be adaptable and explore new avenues, in order to remain busy and profitable. 

MoWin is an excellent example of a company that has stayed agile, taking up innovative projects that at first glance may seem completely out of scope for a marketing agency. One project they have embarked on is in fact heavily relevant to Covid-19: the development of a contactless lift, enabled by voice recognition technology. 

As MoWin continues to explore new projects which require different skillsets, they are looking to grow their team. However, MoWin’s culture of continuous learning means that new hires need not be already proficient in these skills. 

Developing the young generation in MarTech
Internship is not only a good training ground for the students and also for the company to assess suitability of the students to the company. Interns also form a good talent pipeline for the industry. MoWin recently hired two interns during the Circuit Breaker period and ianton has met them less than 10 times over the past three months. Nonetheless, the interns have taken to remote working easily and ianton attributes this to their tech-savviness and lack of previous experience in the office. Their internships have worked out fairly well, with the interns even taking the initiative to set up meetings after hours. 

Team Lunch!

MoWin will soon be taking on a second round of interns, and has already received some applications through the Global Ready Talent Programme (GRT) for these positions. As these interns are graduating from university soon, MoWin will consider converting their internships to full time roles as part of their policy. These offers may be made if the interns are passionate about their tasks and are looking to continue working with the company.

Looking towards the future, MoWin is excited to continue utilising GRT to fund its internship programme and seek out suitable interns who can both contribute to and learn from the rest of the team. Ultimately, MoWin trains interns for the future and develops talents who can contribute to the MarTech industry.



Website: https://www.mowin.digital/

Published November 2020

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