PeraPera is an AI-powered language coach providing learning recommendations to foreign language learners, through an adaptive approach based on analysing every learner's current proficiency level, learning habits and preferences and then providing personalised recommendations throughout their learning journey. The problem they hope to solve is keeping learners motivated in an online learning context by giving them constant feedback as well as encouragement, through a combination of learner analytics and human teacher assessment.

The languages they currently offer on their platform include English, Japanese, Korean, French and Vietnamese. Their lessons are video-based, and they have translated various educational video resources on programming, UX/UI design, marketing and current affairs, which are free-to-view. The way they have built their video platform allows any video resource to potentially become a language learning material that can be used by any language teacher. By using NLP technology to analyse video transcripts for specific vocabulary and grammar, they can recommend relevant teaching content to educators. Their platform allows users to select sentences to repeat, and click on words in the transcript to understand their meaning. They also help learners engage in independent, self-directed learning using content relevant to them.


Published May 2020