Finbuoy Pte Ltd was founded to help businesses address their IT concerns and needs through IT Consulting, Deep Tech Integration using cloud services. They aim to empower businesses with tools to make better decisions and grow their businesses. They strive to help businesses identify opportunities through data science and improving revenues.

They help businesses to assess the challenges, work with them to plan and design the integration strategy and provide customized agile solutions (with data science and security capabilities) to solve the challenges. They deliver their Client Management Solution with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to customers. The solution helps businesses segment groups of their prospects and customers, reach out by sending specific marketing messages that target their personal needs and interests. With automated emails, they can increase their one-to-one marketing communications. This also help them in increasing their customer acquisition.

With their proprietary recommendation capabilities, it allows businesses to engage customer to do more in-depth review of current portfolios, and work out tailored products for their customers. Their principle is to build fast and allow businesses to make use of solutions to find new opportunities and generate new revenues.


Published June 2020