Aidrivers Singapore Pte Ltd provides innovative and leading autonomous mobility solutions for industrial sectors to optimise their business operations and improve their quality of service. Autonomous mobility technology has been its focus since 2015. Aidrivers set out to invent a fleet of autonomous vehicles tailored to meet the needs of industrial operations, specifically for seaports, airports and logistics industries. With the successful completion of several Proofs of Concept, Aidrivers is more committed than ever to the same focus. Their main objective is to accelerate the world’s transition to autonomous mobility for integrated automation.

Aidrivers is an activity-centric, autonomous mobility company with headquarters in London. Aidrivers is founded by Dr Rafiq Swash and formed by a team of seasoned professionals that are passionately working together to deliver autonomous mobility automation solutions with bespoke designed autonomous vehicles for carrying goods and passengers. Their vision is to accelerate within the autonomous industry and develop innovative solutions that are sustainable, safe and eco-friendly with excellent user experience. 


Published June 2020