Business Leadership in Troubled Times

In a crisis, emotionally-intelligent and visionary leadership is key to guide people beyond their overwhelming immediate concerns. SGTech invited our immediate past Chairman, IT industry veteran and Chief Executive Officer at CrimsonLogic Pte Ltd, Mr Saw Ken Wye, to share insights from his business journey. 

Key Takeaways

Motivating Employees 

Mr Saw spoke about the core of his leadership style that keeps his employees motivated during a crisis.

1. Show care for the employees

  • CrimsonLogic issued Care Packages to staff to ensure all employees can be safe. 
  • Employees who needed to travel to the office during the DORSCON Orange period could claim the fares for alternatives to mass public transport, while employees who can do their work remotely could do so.
2. Instill confidence - Assure employees that business can continue as per normal.


Neither Carrots nor Sticks. Fire is what moves people the fastest. 

  1. It is important to find a “Plan B” for supply chain and manpower.
  2. SMEs’ strength is that they require layers of approvals and can do things fast if they are motivated enough to do so.
  3. To prevent confusion, leaders must communicate their stance clearly, such as the company’s Work From Home Policy after Circuit Breaker period.

Bright spots amidst COVID-19

  1. Digitalise paper processes and adopt e-signature and e-invoicing etc.
  2. Venture beyond your ‘hood, navigate the sea of available Data out there.
  3. Family time is important, find your work-life harmony. 

Catch the webinar recording to hear all the nuggets of wisdom for Business Leadership in Troubled Times.


More to come

SGTech continues to organise more sessions to help SMEs and startups tide over the current challenges. Please keep a lookout for more webinars.

Published Jun 2020