Grow Digital, Go International

The 3Ds of Enterprise Transformation

On 22 June, SGTech hosted Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Trade & Industry and Ministry of Education, Mr Chee Hong Tat and a panel of guests for a webinar on Going Digital to capture international opportunities. 

The panel was hosted by SGTech First Vice Chairman Mr Andy Sim and comprised of Enterprise Singapore Chairman Mr Peter Ong, SELLinALL Founder & CEO Mr Vikraman Ilango, Eezee Pte Ltd CEO & Co-founder Mr Logan Tan, and Hiap Giap Food Manufacture Pte Ltd General Manager Ms Dorothy Nah.  

SMS Chee shared about the 3 “D”s of Enterprise Transformation and emphasised how determination and design are essential to carry out a digitalisation project successfully. SMS Chee gave the example of Cheng Yew Heng, who managed to transform their traditional rock sugar products into flavourful sugar sticks that are palatable to the younger generation.  

Mr Peter Ong shared how ESG has implemented industry-wide initiatives to digitalise and transform industries both pre-COVID and post-COVID. Mr Vikraman Ilango and Mr Logan Tan shared how their platforms can be utilised to diversify revenue streams and reach out to new sources of customers. Ms Dorothy Nah gave a personal example of how her noodles business tapped on such initiatives to remain relevant.  
To hear more from the panel, you can catch the webinar recording.


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More to come

SGTech continues to organise more sessions to help SMEs and startups tide over the current challenges. Please lookout for the other webinars in this series.