SGTech Members Shining at ASEAN ICT Awards 2019

In the ASEAN ICT Awards (AICTA) held in October last year, three of SGTech’s members beat competitors from 10 ASEAN countries and emerged on top.

AICTA recognises the best ICT achievement among entrepreneurs across the ASEAN region and aims to be the benchmark for success in terms of innovation and creativity. The Awards also offers business opportunities and promotes trade relations, which uplifts the strength and community awareness of ICT in ASEAN both locally and internationally.

(The Singapore contingent at the recent ASEAN ICT Awards 2019. Photo credits: AICTA 2019)

SGTech caught up with Ms Zing Yang of, gold winner for the Startup Company category, as well as Mr Wong Joo Seng of Spark Systems and Mr Adrian Long of V3 Smart Technologies, who were the silver and bronze winners in the Private Sector category.


SGTech: Congratulations on winning at AICTA 2019! Would you be able to tell us more about your company?


(Ms Zing Yang, Co-Founder & CFO of together with Minister S Iswaran at AICTA 2019. Photo provided by interviewees.)

Zing ( is an all-in-one enterprise management system for professionals built entirely on a cloud-native architecture.’s users range from lawyers to accountants, all of whom benefit from the automation features provides. Some of the automation features include automated workflow process generation and automated document generation, aside to practice management and client engagement features. is also deployable in 17 different languages, making it an ideal tool for collaborations between cross-border teams.

Joo Seng (Spark Systems): Spark Systems is building a new generation of trading platforms that will be a game-changer in Singapore and the Global Foreign Exchange (FX) space. The company is founded on the principles of precise trading, market transparency and growth using cutting-edge technology for high-speed trading.
Spark Systems now aims to develop a Singapore-based marketplace for corporate treasuries, institutional users and international banks based here and in the region.

(Mr Adrian Long, General Manager of V3 Smart Technologies together with Minister S Iswaran at AICTA 2019. Photo provided by interviewees.)

Adrian (V3 Smart Technologies): V3 Smart Technologies has been around for 17 years, and our main business is in the telematics, mobility and robotics automation space. We are based in Singapore, and we have regional offices in Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia; as well as a development support office in India. Our solutions are deployed in logistics, construction, municipal management, regulatory enforcement and even waste management. V3 aims to be an Asian global leader in smart mobility & automation technologies.

SGTech: Sounds like your companies are making great strides in your respective fields. Could you also share with us your experience at AICTA, and how has winning benefited your company?


(Mr Adrian Long, from V3 Smart Technologies presenting their solutions at the AICTA19 Finals. Photo provided by interviewees.)

Adrian: This is the 2nd time that we got accepted into AICTA, and this year, we entered the competition with our Workforce Assignment & Mobility solution. The judges expressed their confidence in our solution, as we presented the live use case of implementing the technology in managing the elderly cleaners in one of Singapore’s estates. They could see it being implemented in other industries, such as security, to administer the workforce and ensuring quality control.
Winning the award gives a boost to the staff morale of our team of 50, and the award also serves as a mark of excellence, instilling confidence with potential customers to the quality of our work. It is timely as we have also just won the Enterprise 50 Awards for the fifth consecutive year. I believe it is a testament and validation to our company culture and the “can-do” spirit of the team.
Joo Seng: Spark Systems is now a little more than three years old; it is important to be recognised for the hard work that’s gone into building the company! We started as an idea on a PowerPoint presentation, and growing the company now to over 40 staff and having clients trading billions of dollars daily on our platform wasn’t easy.

The start-up journey is a long and hard one, and winning the award means a lot and reminds us that it’s all worth it.

(Ms Zing Yang, representing's entry into the Startup Company category at AICTA 2019. Photo provided by interviewees)

Zing: In my opinion, the AICTA is one of the most respected business awards in ASEAN for tech, and winning it affirms us with the recognition of our industry peers, as well as providing a morale boost to our team at Tessaract. The judging process was done through a panel of judges from the different ASEAN member countries, together with judges from China, Korea and Japan. These interactions with the different judges provided us with the opportunity to quickly understand the nuances and pain points of the various markets. The awards validated our belief in delivering technological accessibility of legal and accounting services to the SMEs, which typically do not have the resources to do so.

SGTech: As we head into a new year and a new decade, could you share with us your plans for 2020 and beyond?

Joo Seng: Spark Systems is focusing on growing our presence in the FX and trading platform space. We aim to understand our users and clients better. We intend to have our product development precede market demands, and continue to develop better technology and solutions to overcome the challenging industry conditions.

Spark Systems’ focus on the new year will be on nurturing the emerging market currencies’ price discovery and liquidity. Our goal is to build an Electronically Connected Network (ECN) that allows mass-market participation for major and regional currencies. We will develop the necessary technology to more efficiently onboard clients and other users, allowing them to trade faster and more accurately.

Zing: We have done well in onboarding our clients onto our solutions, but we have to look forward to doing our part for industry 4.0 by translating what’s traditionally paper-based process onto the cloud. For 2020 and beyond, there are three main things we are focusing on:
  1. Continually improving the product - Taking the structured data and using it to train the machine learning algorithms, ultimately providing the SMEs and other clients a consistently refined product
  2. Growing and expanding regionally, and
  3. Automating and scaling up our existing systems and process
V3: We will continue to innovate and enhance our solutions, incorporating deeper integration with other IoT devices, as well as adding layers of Artificial Intelligence into the service offerings. We have also placed plans in our development roadmap to enhance our robotics solutions, allowing them to be customisable for different industries and to address their various needs and wants.

The company is also gearing up to expand to the region, especially in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Doing so will also provide more support for our partners who have been successful in implementing our solutions with other customers.
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Published Feb 2019