SGTech Launches its Cloud Appreciation Workshop Series

“What does moving to the Cloud mean for my business?”, and “How do I get started?” are questions faced by many tech SMEs as they ponder how they should move their products and services to the Cloud.

To support Singapore’s GoCloud movement, SGTech’s Cloud and Data Chapter launched the Cloud Appreciation Series on 24 January 2020. The series is supported by IMDA. With the objective of supporting businesses along their cloud adoption journey, the series of workshops aims to: 
  1. Clarify the jargon and debunk myths associated with Cloud 
  2. Enable businesses to learn from the first-hand experience of others that have successfully adopted Cloud
  3. Connect businesses with the relevant support ecosystem for their Cloud adoption journey

The first session of the series was conducted in partnership with IBM. Close to 70 business leaders from the industry were present. Mr Lim Soon Tein, Chairman, Cloud & Data Chapter kicked off the session with an introduction of SGTech and highlights of the key initiatives spearheaded by the Chapter to help the tech industry grow, such as the Cloud Appreciation Series. 

Soon Tein summarised the underlying objective of the Chapter’s initiatives to enable businesses to transform and grow, just like a seed germinating and growing into a plant. He also invited members of the audience to join the SGTech community.

(Mr Lim Soon Tein, Chairman, Cloud & Data Chapter, delivering the opening address)


“Should my business be on Cloud?”

Mr Joshua Hong, Client Success Manager, Watson & Cloud Platform, presented this segment. Using Grab, RedMart and Sephora as examples, Mr Hong guided the audience through the considerations for whether they should migrate to the Cloud. 
Instead of blindly jumping on the bandwagon to migrate to the Cloud, business leaders must seriously consider the rationale and justifications for migrating to the Cloud. Key considerations include
  1. cost
  2. customers’ consumption patterns
  3. scale and
  4. skills

(Mr Joshua Hong, Client Success Manager, Watson & Cloud Platform, IBM Asia Pacific)


Speed and Scalability are Key to Keeping Up in Competitive Landscape

Ms Irence Wee, Head of Partner Ecosystem & Watson Customer Engagement at IBM Asia Pacific, discussed the shifting market trends and shed light on frontier technologies that are disrupting businesses, such as AI and blockchain. Ms Wee presented examples of actual industry applications to encourage the audience to consider these perspectives.

(Ms Irence Wee, Head of Partner Ecosystem & Watson Customer Engagement, IBM Asia Pacific)

Hearing from a Cloud Native Business

Mr Rodney Yap, Business Development Lead at, spoke about the two key challenges facing many businesses. 1) Operating on manual processes that limit productivity and 2) having to deal with a fragmented suite of cloud-based solutions that do not communicate with one another. He also covered how being Cloud Native has benefitted the organisation, and they are now paying it forward to help other companies to move to the Cloud.

(Mr Rodney Yap, Business Development Lead,

To conclude the session, the speakers gathered on stage to address questions from the audience, before continuing into the networking session. 

SGTech Cloud & Data Chapter thanks our members IBM and, as well as IMDA, for their support to make this first session in the Cloud Appreciation Series a success. Please watch out for the next session! 

If you have suggestions for topics that would be useful for you, that you want us to cover in the Cloud Appreciation Series, please write to [email protected]

Published Feb 2019