Digital Trends in Talents & Human Resources (HR) Transformation Dialogue Webinar

Close to 100 attendees tuned in to a dialogue between Mr Patrick Tay, Assistant Secretary-General of NTUC & a Member of Parliament, and a panel of SGTech members on 14 Oct 2020, on the topic of digital trends in talent and Human Resources transformation. 

In his opening address, Mr Tay shared his views on the job market in the coming months. He provided more information on government initiatives such as the Jobs Growth Incentive (JGI), which supports employers in hiring local employees over the next few months until Feb 2021.




SGTech Councillor Mr Ivan Chang moderated the panel session which followed the opening address. Mr Ernie Teo, Co-Founder of Dedoco, shared about how they helped companies in their digital transformation to make processes, such as the document management, more efficient and secure.  Mr Isaiah Chng, Founder of ProAge and representing TalentPlus, presented on the challenges that mature workers face in maintaining and increasing their value in this new economy. Ms Tan Hui Ping, Head of Talent Intelligence of APJC at SAP, talked about the latest digital trends in HR, tools that organisations can help their employees to work better from home in the process.   

In the Solution Toolbox segment, the three speakers from Dedoco, TalentPlus and SAP presented their digital transformation solutions to the webinar participants. 

We thank our speakers and attendees for their participation. 

 To get the full sharing, you can catch the webinar recording.




SGTech thanks the panellists and member sponsors for making the webinar a success. For more information on how to take part in such webinars, please write to Alicia at for a discussion.  

Published Nov 2020