Embracing the New Norm In Consumer Behaviours

COVID-19 has affected the buying behaviour of consumers - from individuals to corporates alike. SGTech has invited Mastercard® to share insights on this shift in behaviour and its impacts on SMEs. SGTech’s partners will also share ways SMEs can evolve their businesses to keep up with the changes and emerge stronger post-COVID-19.

The webinar covered:

  • Singapore’s consumer spending behaviour and trends.
  • The impact on eCommerce and how retailers can leverage digital payments.
  • Opportunities that allow businesses to optimise and reinvent. 
  • Solutions Toolbox for SMEs showcase: Zoho, Oddle, NinjaOS and more
To get the full sharing, you can catch the webinar recording.


You may also wish to download the presentation slides here:
Presentation Slides by Mastercard® and the solutions toolbox providers.

More to come

SGTech continues to organise more sessions to help SMEs and startups tide over the current challenges.  Please look out for the other webinars in this series.

Published Jul 2020