DataViz wins SGTech-SoC Prize at NUS SoC Innovation Prize 2020

The School of Computing (SoC) in the National University of Singapore (NUS) conducts an annual competition among its students. The SoC Innovation Prize is awarded for the best student projects which demonstrate a significant degree of innovation and high potential socio-economic impact. 

For the first time, SGTech is honoured to partner with the NUS SoC to be the title sponsor for the SoC Innovation Prize 2020’s Individual Category. 

The winner of the SGTech-SoC Prize is Ms Srishti Aggarwal. We interviewed her to find out more about her winning entry and her aspirations after winning.

(Ms Srishti Aggarwal, the winner of the SGTech-SoC Prize, shares her thoughts and plans after winning the individual category.) 

SGTech (SGT): Hello Srishti, congratulations on clinching the SGTech-SoC Prize! Please tell us more about yourself.
Srishti Aggarwal (SA):
I recently graduated in Computer Engineering. When I am not working, you can find me at the basketball court or enjoying my favourite cup of bubble tea. 

SGTech (SGT): Could you share with us more on your winning entry DataViz, and what led you to its creation? 
SA: Through my study in computing, I found my passion in Web Development and cloud computing; these skills have contributed to my involvement with DataViz.

DataViz is an online repository for users to share their work in information visualisation. We aim to become the world’s best data gallery by providing the common man with an avenue to understand complex data, tackle data-driven problems and change the way we consume data today.

In today’s ever-changing environment, collaboration among people is the key to success. Collaboration is only achievable when everyone is on the same page and shares a common language. Dr Bimlesh Wadhwa (Senior Lecturer of Computer Science at NUS SoC) and I realised that common language was information visualisation, and we now just needed the medium to nurture it. With that, DataViz was born. 

SGT: What problems does DataViz solve?

SA: DataViz is meant to help everyone understand complex data using meaningful, high-quality visualisations. I am hopeful that the value created by DataViz will be recognised for helping to create stories, relay knowledge and make an impact in the easiest way possible.

(DataViz breaks down complex data using meaningful and high-quality visualisations. The aim is to become the world’s best data gallery.) 

SGT: How do you feel about winning the SGTech-SoC Innovation prize?
I am thrilled and see it as a positive step forward for DataViz and convincing the world to give our idea a chance. I want to keep up this momentum that winning this prize has given us to reach more potential users and take the product to the next level.

SGT: What’s next for you? What are your aspirations for DataViz?
We are now working on the next phase of enhancing the platform with new features and functions, and are looking to a production release in the coming year. We hope to target university students, academic institutions and conferences first; followed by companies and the corporate sector. In the long run, we aim to become the world’s best data gallery, and the number one destination for anyone interested in data.


SGTech wishes Ms Srishti Aggarwal the best in her future endeavours as she continues her work on DataViz.  

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