Conversations with SGTech's Asia Smart Apps 2019 Winners - Tueetor, Findjobs & Smartfuture

Three of our SGTech members were recognised for their innovation at the 6th annual Asia Smart App (ASA) 2018/19 Awards organised by the Hong Kong Wireless Technology Industry Association (WTIA) last month. 

SGTech members Tueetor, Findjobs and Smartfuture all received certificates of merits for their apps’ Tueetor’, ‘找工 App’ and “MedCheck” in the Public Sector, Business and Commercial and Lifestyle, Social and Entertainment categories. The ASA aims to select the year’s most excellent and innovative smart apps as well as provide a platform for smart app professionals in the region to meet, share, collaborate and learn from each other. More than 100 companies from Singapore, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam participated at ASA this year. A total of 35 companies were awarded trophies and certificates in the above three categories.  

This month we continue our Conversations With interviews, fresh from the awards held recently on June 20th June at the Cyberport, Hong Kong, SGTech caught up with the founders of our three SGTech members to talk about their success, how they are continuing to innovate and plans going forward.

(Winners & Judges at the recent Asia Smart App Awards held on 20th June, Cyberport Hong Kong)

SGTech (SGT): Congratulations to all three of you winning at the ASA awards. Can you give us a brief description of what your organisation does and the solution you provide?

Han Sing: Tueetor® is the world’s first, fully automated learner-trainer matching platform, an online marketplace leveraging on location-based technology. It is an EdTech startup seeking to elevate the way educators connect with learners by cutting out the inefficient middleman - the placement agency. 
Learners and trainers can easily submit online the subject, level; their qualification, teaching experience, rates, and location, and Tueetor® will match them – automatically. There are no finder’s fees, and in the past two years of operations, we have helped thousands find affordable and accessible education and created numerous job opportunities.  Having successfully rolled out our services in 4 countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand – Tueetor® is entering its next phase of growth: learner-course provider matching.

Sumit: We improve health literacy and empower the public to manage their health better and navigate the healthcare system. Our solution is a population level platform to diagnose health, wellbeing, and offer personalised intervention to improve. 
Some use cases of the platform include: Health check-up kiosks in offices for employees to check their vitals and get digital intervention for weight loss and chronic disease management in the form of video calls with dietitians and trainers; Sleep kiosks in clinics for patients to screen themselves for Sleep Apnea and book home sleep test for detailed screening; Alcohol kiosks in refineries for workers to check breath alcohol that automatically opens the entrance gate.

Stanley: As a social enterprise, Findjobs app harness technology to bring online jobs readily available to the non-tech savvy, blue-collar and elderly workers. We removed typical user barriers such as registration, log-in with social media, deposition of resume and creation of passwords and replaced with features such as “enlarge text”, “voice job description”, “broadcast yourself”, Pokemon style of “scan nearby jobs” as well as a simple touch-&-tap non-cv job application. With these features, Findjobs can make the job search effortless and smarter. 

As we start to engage more users on the ground, we realised that many workers do not have smartphones or could not afford an internet data plan. With this in mind, Smart Job Kiosks are installed in the premises of our partners like e2i career centres. By July, there will be a total of 9 Smart Job Kiosks installed across the island.

(From Left: Mr Stanley Lim, Founder of Findjobs winning the Merit Award at ASA18/19; Representatives from Tueetor receiving the Merit Award at ASA18/19; Mr Sumit Khemani of Smartfuture with Medcheck Kiosk deployed on premise)

SGT: How do you see the market outlook for your business? What are the key challenges you face?

Han Sing: According to a report by Holoniq, global spending on education and training would hit 10 trillion USD by 2030. Education is not only important socially, but there is also a huge market and high demand for it. However, our key challenge has been the speed of our growth. With the limited resources that we’ve had, we managed to penetrate three other markets, including Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. If we were able to get more resources in the form of funding, we’d be able to expand much faster in both developments of new features and acquisitions of new users.  This will allow us to become a complete education marketplace much quicker.  

The market outlook is positive. There are many health tech services and devices that fail to find a way into the habits of the everyday user. Our platform brings these new technologies to the public and helps them to take control and have knowledge of their health. There are immense opportunities, but as with any startup, one of the biggest challenges is to be able to raise capital in a timely way to fuel the rapid growth and continue finding and retaining right resources, keeping in pace with the growing demand we have witnessed over the last six months.

Stanley: With tighter control on work passes for foreign labour, especially in the service industry, we envision a gradual shift in the mindset of employers with regards to hiring mature workers as a solution.  By engaging this group of workers, we have the advantage of being well-placed to capitalise on this new wave of opportunities in the years ahead. One challenge we may face is the expectation of both the employers and mature workers with regards to the scope of the job. To tackle this, we are working closely with our agency partners and the employers to work on the possibilities of job-redesign as well as the creation or micro-jobs.

(From Left: Mr Tan Han Sing, Founder of Tueetor sharing with SGTech on his plans ahead; Smartfuture's Medcheck Kiosk deployed on premise)

SGT: What are your plans ahead? How will you be growing your business for the next few months and into 2020? 

Han Sing: Tueetor wants to create Asia’s largest Education marketplace. We are launching a new feature called Coursaver aimed at helping the public save when buying courses. Coursaver aggregates courses/workshops/seminars/conferences, activities with a learning element across ten categories: Academics, Art and Crafts, Culinary Arts, Performing Arts, Professional Development, Programming, Technology, Sports and Fitness, and Special Needs. Users can now compare courses from different training centres, then book their favourite one at the lowest price guaranteed. Online learning courses via video on demand and live classroom will also be available next year.

Sumit: We will continue to grow in Singapore this year. Other than corporates and clinics, different versions of our kiosks and pods will be seen in malls, community centres, gyms and even by the roadside. We will expand regionally in 2020, starting with Australia and then Indonesia.

Stanley: We will be expanding our outreach to our users via app improvements and updates as well as installing more job kiosks at strategic locations. On top of that, we will be hosting more masterclasses to train our partners’ volunteers and grassroots leaders. Regionally, we will be launching a new product for Indonesia by the end of 3rd Quarter 2019. 

SGT: What SGTech activities do you anticipate you will be taking part in? Are there areas that you will like to work closely with SGTech?

Han Sing: We have been taking part in SGTech’s Tech4Community event for the past two editions. We hope that we can contribute to the community in such ways to help educate the public on the best savings, and of course, lifelong learning. We also look forward to opportunities to connect to potential investors who might be interested in our vision. 

Sumit: SGTech provides excellent networking opportunities that we look forward to taking part in. Further, we would also be interested in exploring new alliances and be part of the international trade missions as we continue expanding geographically. We are keen on working closely with SGTech for business development and capital raising.

Stanley:  We will be keen to be part of any Smart-Nation or Tech4Community or any related initiatives/activities organised by SGTech. 

(Findjobs & Tueetor participating at our recent Tech4Community)

We congratulate Tueetor, Findjobs and Smartfuture on their success. You may wish to visit their website to learn more about them:

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Published Jul 2019