Div0: Startup Quarter – A Public Session on Private Data 

On 3rd April, over 80 excited individuals gathered at SGTech on Wednesday evening to learn about data privacy obligations of start-ups. The workshop was a collaboration of efforts between Div0 and SGTech, to inform the start-ups at JTC Launchpad community on the digital data protection and the corporate responsibilities of companies that are collecting data from their clients and site visitors. 

Pictured: Mr. Ng Pan Yong (left), Chun Leong (right)

Mr. Ng Pan Yong, Founder of The Cyber Assembly and the organiser of Startup Quarter in Div0, opened the session with the welcome address. Chun Leong from SGTech followed up with a brief introduction about SGTech, the premier tech association in Singapore, to the start-ups and tech talents in the audience. 

Pictured: Mr. Gerald Tang

Mr. Gerald Tang of BDO Advisory delivered the main content of the day. He explained to the audience in attendance the different ways an organisation is collecting data from their site visitors and clients, and the obligations of the organisation in the handling of these data to ensure they do not violate privacy laws, such as PDPA and GDPR. 
While answering the audience’s questions, Mr. Tang also elaborated in detail the recent case studies of high profile data breach that happened in the region. At the end of his delivery, the audience engaged in a pop quiz that recaps the talking points he has discussed. 

At the last section, we have invited a lawyer, a practitioner, a CEO for a panel discussion on the questions posed by the attendees beforehand. 

Pictured from left to right: Mr. KK Lim, Mr. Ken Soh, Mr. Gerald Tang, Mr. Ng Pan Yong

The panellists are:
Mr. Gerald Tang, Business Lead, Technology Risk Advisory Group, BDO Advisory Pte Ltd
Mr. Ken Soh, CEO, Athena Dynamics Pte Ltd
Mr. KK Lim, Clayton Law LLC
Moderated by Mr. Ng Pan Yong

The workshop concluded with a networking session and a sumptuous pizza feast sponsored by BDO.
We thank Div0 for the opportunity to host this event and benefit the start-up community at JTC Launchpad. Div0 is an open, inclusive, and completely volunteer-driven cybersecurity community. You may check out the group here.

We also thank ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) for their support in outreach efforts.

If you have any questions regarding SGTech, feel free to contact us at info@sgtech.org.sg

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Published April 2019