SGTech Welcomes Delegations from Bangladesh, India, and the United Kingdom

With the opening of borders, delegations from other countries are visiting us again. These visiting delegations present opportunities for SGTech to establish ties to facilitate cross-border initiatives that benefit our members, and set the stage for engagements that our members can tap on for partnerships or their overseas expansion.

In May, SGTech welcomed delegations comprising senior government officials and business representatives from 

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • The United Kingdom

20 May 2022: Bangladesh Delegation



SGTech hosted the first women entrepreneur delegation from the Bangladesh Women & e-Commerce (WE) Trust to exchange ideas for cross-border B2B collaborations as well as to share Singapore’s success stories in digital transformation. It was a meaningful exchange with the women entrepreneurs of small businesses with global ambitions. We look forward to Singapore being their launchpad to the world!

We also thank Ms Sharon Teo (Councillor, SGTech) and Ms Charmain Tan (Co-founder and CEO of SGTech member QuickDesk) for being amazing hosts. Both Ms Teo and Ms Tan are named in the inaugural (2020) Singapore 100 Women in Tech, which recognises and celebrates women based in Singapore who have been inspiring and have made significant contributions to the tech industry.

From SGTech:

  •  Ms Sharon Teo, Councillor and recognised in the inaugural (2020) Singapore 100 Women in Tech list (2020)
  •  Ms Charmain Tan, Co-founder and CEO, SGTech member QuickDesk, and recognised in (2020) Singapore 100 Women in Tech list (2020)
  •  Mr Zhihan Yeo, Director, Strategic Programmes


From the Bangladesh Delegation:

  • Ms Nasima Aktar Nisha, President, Women & e-Commerce Trust (WE)


20 May 2022: India Delegation



SGTech hosted visitors from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. There was a meaningful dialogue where both organisations’ representatives introduced and shared their existing infrastructure and eco-systems. Within the first ten minutes of the meeting, several referrals and potential collaborations were even discovered!

IIT Kanpur also mentioned they would conduct trips to Singapore every 3 months to explore more opportunities for collaboration and synergy. They have extended an open invitation to organisations interested in working in India to join their tech start-up zone which has modern facilities and ample space.

From SGTech:

  • Ms Sharon Teo, Councillor
  • Mr Alex Ng, Chair, Singapore Enterprise Chapter 
  • Mr Zhihan Yeo, Director, Strategic Programmes


From the India delegation:

  • Dr Nikhil Agarwal (CEO, FIRST & AIIDE, IIT Kanpur)


12 May 2022: United Kingdom (UK) Delegation



SGTech welcomed the Lord Sarfraz (the UK Prime Minister’s Trade Envoy to Singapore) and a delegation from the UK to discuss our shared ambitions on technology, like cross-border data flows, artificial intelligence and digital transformation. During the introductory roundtable, SGTech introduced our sustainability agenda and vision, and we also propose a Singapore-UK bridge for tech exchange to shift agriculture and food towards sustainability.

From SGTech:

  •  Mr Gavin Chua, 2nd Vice-Chair and Sustainability Committee Co-Chair   
  •  Mr Wen Yonggang, AI & High-Performance Computing Co-Opted Exco Member
  •  Mr Jonathon Kok, Cloud & Data Chapter Co-Opted Exco Member
  •  Mr Edward Tay, Singapore Enterprise Chapter (SEC) Honorary Treasurer and Sustainability Committee FoodTech Workgroup 
  •  Mr Kelvin Koh, SEC Exco Member
  •  Mr Anurax Lian, SEC Exco Member
  •  Ms Joanne Chong, Sustainability Committee FoodTech Workgroup   
  •  Ms Yean Cheong, Executive Director
  •  Mr Rajeshpal Singh, Director, Government Affairs & Strategic Partnerships
  •  Mr Zhihan Yeo, Director, Strategic Programmes
  •  Ms Gwyneth Tan, Senior Manager, Strategic Programmes (Sustainability) 

Twelve Singapore companies participated, including,

  •  Mr Kenneth Lee, Founder & CEO of Green Koncepts Pte Ltd
  •  Mr Glenn Teo, Co-Founder & Executive Director of Protogen Pte Ltd 
  •  Ms Cassandra Ng, Co-Founder of Protogen Pte Ltd
  •  Dr Ngair Teow Hin, CEO for SecureAge Technology
  •  Mr Leow Kim-Hock, CEO (Asia) for wizlynx group

From the UK delegation:

  •  Lord Sarfraz, Prime Minister's Trade Envoy to Singapore

Four UK Venture Capitalists participated:

  •  ERF Partners
  •  IQ Capital 
  •  IP Group plc
  •  Molten Ventures
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Published May 2022