SGTech Welcomes Delegations from Australia and Korea

In June, SGTech welcomed delegations comprising senior government officials and business representatives from Australia and Korea. 

These exchanges present invaluable opportunities for us to build rapport and facilitate cross-border initiatives that are mutually beneficial. It also sets the stage for international engagements that our members can tap on for partnerships or their overseas expansion.

6 Jun 2022: Australia Delegation




SGTech, together with seven other member companies and Austrade, hosted delegates from the Insurtech industry in Australia. 

As Singapore is a leading Insurtech innovation hub in the Southeast Asia region and Australia is one of the major industry players in the Asia Pacific region, companies from both countries share common tech innovation values. SGTech’s vision is to be the catalyst to strengthen the partnership between the two economies. 

The Australian delegates were very interested in understanding how they could partner Singapore as a springboard to plug into the regional tech ecosystem. Our members shared their knowledge and experience based on their interactions with other countries, and how Singaporean companies have a unique edge in bridging the Eastern and Western cultures. 

We believe that there is no better time to drive adoption of Insurtech innovations and unlock our members' potential for long-term local and international growth.

From SGTech:

  • Ms Sharon Teo, SGTech Councillor, and Chief Executive Officer, Inspire-Tech Pte Ltd 
  • Mr Zhihan Yeo, Director, Strategic Programmes

From Enterprise Singapore (ESG):

  • Mr Wong Wei Kang, Senior Development Partner, ICT & Media, Digital Industry Singapore


From Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) and Insurtech:

  • Ms Betty Sun-Lucas, Fintech Specialist Director, Austrade Singapore 
  • Ms Simone Dossetor, CEO, InsurTech Australia 


2 Jun 2022: Korea Delegation



SGTech hosted a delegation from Korea IT Cooperation Center (KICC  ) in our office recently. We had a fruitful discussion on the following topics:

  • How to support different types of collaboration, such as product/service support, marketing and branding initiatives
  •  Further development of international collaboration in terms of tech transfer
  •  Ways to find suitable overseas partners
  •  Internationalisation efforts initiated by the public and private sectors from the ICT industry
  •  Best practices and case studies of tech collaboration

We learnt that the KICC   team is keen on opportunities for Korean ICT companies in ASEAN. They pointed out challenges such as the usage of different languages and licenses in different parts of the region, and lack of brand awareness. For instance, while NAVER cloud is well-known in Korea, its branding is not as strong in ASEAN. 

Our member companies, Unabiz & also shared similar difficulties in penetrating the ASEAN market and they look forward to working on collaborating with KICC in this region.

From SGTech:

  • Mr Jonathan Tan, Honorary Treasurer, Smart Nation Chapter and Managing Director, Unabiz (SGTech member)
  • Ms Linda Tan, Vice-president, Marketing & Business Development, (SGTech member) 
  • Mr Irza Suprapto, Co-founder, Industry Platform   (SGTech member)
  • Mr Wilson Tan, Director, Industry Alliance & Operations

From Enterprise Singapore:

  • Mr Khairul Anwar, Director, Southeast Asia 2   (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei)


 From Korea:

  • Mr Lee Sang Heon, Counsellor, Embassy of Korea
  • Mr Rae Joon Jung, Director, Naver Cloud  
  • Mr Hur Sungwook, President, NIPA
  • Mr Kim Jungwuk, Managing Director, Samsung SDS

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Published Jun 2022