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In the fourth instalment of SGTech's Cloud Appreciation Series on 25 November 2020, we invited Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the five appointed partners under the national GoCloud programme to speak at the webinar.

Mr Suresh Agarwal, Honorary Secretary of SGTech’s Cloud & Data Chapter, kicked off the webinar with a welcome address. He thanked the programme partners, including AWS, for this collaboration to bring the concept of Cloud Native closer to the industry; especially to ICT SMEs who can benefit most from this capability to scale and grow their businesses to the next level. 

Mr Peter Butsch, Head of ISVs, AWS Singapore, continued by providing insights to how ICT SMEs could start  “Building A Successful SaaS Business on AWS”. Key takeaways from his presentation were: 

  1. Benefits of the SaaS model include: (i) frictionless onboarding for customers, (ii) pay-as-you-use model, (iii) ease of updates, particularly for customers, and importantly, (iv) more efficient management of IT infrastructure (e.g. without the need of  physical servers). 
  2. Among possible approaches to SaaS, 60% to 70% of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have adopted the “Managed Services” model, moving their on-premise software to the Cloud. 
  3. Next most popular approach is to build a new application out of the core application, and move it to the Cloud to reach new customers. Successful organisations that have benefitted from such a model are Deskera and Xero. 
  4. The easiest approach is for ISVs to build a new application that complements their existing core application. This is relevant if the core application has to remain on-premise. New applications or modules that can be built on Cloud include chatbots, facial recognition and new innovations such as blockchain. 
  5. AWS is the only GoCloud Cloud Provider that provides professional technical consultancy services directly, including training and workshops. Also, the AWS Partner Network (APN) allows ISVs to leverage AWS to enhance their solutions and services. A benefit of being a Select APN partner is the access to customers on the AWS Marketplace . 


AWS is offering free signups for new AWS Partners, including access to training and programmes. Companies interested may sign up to be a AWS Partner.

To help participants contextualise the learnings, Mr Randall Lee, CEO & Founder of Syion, shared about his experience with the AWS Techshift Programme. Through the programme, Syion was achieved the following: 

  • Developed an onboarding programme for their developers on the AWS technologies
  • Retrained their programmers to adopt a DevOps perspective to keep up with innovation

Mr Lee emphasised three key words - Migrate, Modernise and SaaSify - for ISVs to create a more reliable and scalable solution. 

The webinar concluded with an engaging Q&A facilitated by Mr Suresh Agarwal. We hope this has inspired and sparked interest among ICT SMEs in taking actions to transform their business 

We thank our speakers from AWS and Syion for their insights, as well as all attendees for their participation. 

To get the full sharing, please view the webinar recording.




Published Dec 2020