SiTF pays homage to Singapore’s Journey in Technology


SiTF’s launch of the book titled “Intelligent Island: The Untold Story of Singapore’s Tech Journey” includes a foreword by Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications & Information


Singapore, 13 June 2017 – The Singapore infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) announced today the launch of a book it commissioned to be written some 18 months ago, Intelligent Island: The Untold Story of Singapore’s Tech Journey which is set to benefit the society, industry and government through unraveling the minds behind the growth and success of Singapore’s infocomm and communication technology (ICT) industry.


The book launch took place at The POD at the National Library Board and was officiated by guest-of-honour Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Communications & Information.  


For half a century, Singapore has made remarkable progress in technology since the early years when the first mainframe was installed in the Central Provident Fund (CPF) back in 1965 to automate the Board’s manual ledger accounting system. The Committee on National Computerisation was first set up in 1980, with the aim of training and educating the population to use computers and grow Singapore’s IT manpower pool. This constant emphasis on IT adoption and innovation has become a national narrative through the years, a beacon for all of today’s major masterplans culminating in the Smart Nation initiative.


Intelligent Island: The Untold Story of Singapore’s Tech Journey seeks to uncover the philosophy and ideas that shaped Singapore’s development in the digital forefront and the defining moments that led to the hyper-connected Singapore of today. The book was curated by industry veterans spanning the private and government sectors and features several contributors who bring to the table their intimate knowledge and reflections of the ICT industry.


Intelligent Island: The Untold Story of Singapore’s Tech Journey celebrates the unsung heroes – policy makers, entrepreneurs and top executives – many who can be considered as the drivers and architects of Singapore’s ICT industry in the formative years, and whose vision of the Lion City as a modern, advance metropolis known for its tech leadership has now been made real. For the first chapter, President Dr Tony Tan Keng Yam discusses his take on Singapore’s need to push the envelope of IT and reflects on how he helped kickstart Singapore’s IT journey as the chairman of the Committee on National Computerisation. The conversation continues with other visionaries and change makers including founding National Computer Board chairman Mr Philip Yeo, IT pioneer Mr Tan Chin Nam, who has helmed many leading government agencies in his career, and former CEO of IDA and founder of Computer System Advisers (CSA) Mr Johnny Moo to name a few.




The book also offers an inside look into the last 45 years of Singapore’s tech journey in several areas: development and impact of several national IT projects like TradeNet and LawNet; businesses set up by Singapore entrepreneurs; profiles of businessmen and made-in-Singapore products and services; information highway development in the early years from Singapore One to fibre broadband; Internet, dotcom1 and dotcom2 companies, investors and public sector funders; and build-up of talent and manpower.


Intelligent Island: The Untold Story of Singapore’s Tech Journey is the second book published by SiTF. The release comes after its first book Singapore Tech, A Living Chronicle launched in 2015 as part of SG50 celebrations back in 2015. Singapore Tech, A Living Chronicle delved into the policies, pioneers, role of the industry and new ideas that moved Singapore from an analog to Smart Nation. Intelligent Island: The Untold Story of Singapore’s Tech Journey is available for purchase through the SiTF website at SGD50