SGTECH Privileges

Being a member of SGTech entitles you to privileges offered by other members and trade partners. These privileges include incentives and offers that are exclusive to SGTech members.


1. SGTech Privileges entitle members to promotion and discounts offered by our trade partners and is not available to non-members
2. The privileges are strictly between the service provider and member. SGTech is not responsible for the execution of the programme
3. The contents of the privileges shall not be reproduced, uploaded, distributed or otherwise published, in whole or in part beyond the member organisation without prior writtten
4. The links to third party websites are owned and operated by the third party and/or partner.  SGTech is NOT liable for any claims of loss, damages or compensation whatsoever
5. The terms of the privileges are subject to change without notification

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1Gbps Broadband + 3 Free Phone Lines for just $199/mth!

As SGTech members, you can enjoy an exclusive 1-month free subscription to our broadband services and receive up to $500 Capitaland vouchers when you sign up for the broadband plans!
Email them at  [email protected]  and indicate “SGTECHVQ” to enjoy the promotion  

Email us at [email protected] to find out more about SGTech Privileges.
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